. First four parts are inspired by movie Raabta but with a supernatural touch. Happy reading.

A beautiful girl swam in the ocean with her long snake tail with a rod in her hand. Suddenly she stabbed a fish which swam in front of her. Then she swam out with the fish still in the rod and pulled the rod out of it, she turned in her humanly form. She cut the fish with the knife when a voice diverted her, she turned to her left and a tiger came out of its hideout. She stared at the tiger aiming a knife at it trying to scare it off, he roared and came near her but she aimed the knife in front and he moved back, she kept an eye on him as she got the fish and threw it towards him. The tiger grabbed it and ate it in one go and approached her again but just then she heard a groan behind her, it was none other than her Adi naag who was in his serpent form and attacked the lion with his tail making it injured and scared and it ran away. She stood up and went towards him, they stood very close. She stared at him for a while.

“Meray shikaar par waar kiun kiya?”

She said and went and sat at the spot she sat earlier and began to cut other pieces of meat. He came to her and sat near her.

“Kiun ke Nageshwari adi naagin hotay huay sher ka saamna ek khanjar se kar rahi thi.”

Nageshwari stared at him for a while and held his collar and pulled him close aiming a knife at his neck.

N: sher ke paas toh khanjar bhi nahi tha Hriday

Hr: sher ke paas poochh toh thi na? Aadi naagin ki suraksha aadi naag ka farz

She left him while smiling.

N: yahan, na toh koi doob ke pohanch sakta hai or na koi urr ke, yahan kisi ko kya darr?

She stood up and dusted her hands clapping them, he watched her.

Hr: bohat khubsurat hai, (she looked down at him and he too stood up) darrta hoon kisi ki nazar na lag jaaye

They hugged each other for a brief moment.


They broke the hug and looked at their fellow serpent.

“Khabar mili hai ke cheelo’n ki nazar humari nau naag maniyo’n par hai.”

Nageshwari looked at Hriday.

N: Aakesh?

Hriday nodded.

Sometime later:

Hr: humari nau naag maniyo’n pe nazar daali hai usne, or aaj yaheen likhi hai uski maut!

On the other side, a shape shifting eagle who was none other than Aakesh readied his dagger.

Hr: vo amavas ka chaand toh hum uski kaali raat, jo bhi hum se takraye, vo chakna choor ho jaaye!

All the fellow serpents got ready to fight. Suddenly a dagger was thrown at Hriday but he moved out of the way on time. A man with long hair and black robe flew and landed over the huge rock which was on the middle of the ocean. All rose their swords at him. Hriday eyed him angrily. One of the serpents tried to attack him by its long tail but Hriday attacked him by his dagger injuring him, he gazed at his wound on his hand.

AA:paani ka rang neela bana, laal na!

Hriday looked at his fellow serpents and then at Aakesh and changed into his serpent version along with others.

Hr: cheel Aakesh akela he hum jaise kattar shatruo’n se larrne aa gaya

He said to his fellow warriors mocking Aakesh meanwhile Aakesh looked on and rose his hand in the air and closed his fist, thousands of eagles came running flying and landed behind Aakesh as they were hiding waiting for his signal and rose the daggers in their hands. Aakesh pulled out his daggers from his back.

AA: sirf ek akela Aakesh?

And thats when fight grew much more, another fellow serpent attacked him. He kicked him on his chest. He kept fighting all the serpents bravely. Hriday looked on. More fellow serpents went forward and fought him but all were defeated and wounded. Hriday and Aakesh shared a cold stare.

They walked forward and had a dagger fight, Aakesh turned in his eagle version and the duo fought each other, Hriday kept trying to hit him with his tail but he kept injuring him with his claws. In between, Aakesh and Hriday stopped the fight and transformed to their human version and just kept staring at each other with fury. Aakesh dropped his dagger and Hriday took advantage of this and rushed to attack him with his dagger, Aakesh jumped and snatched it and stabbed him with it. Hriday screamed in agony, every warrior groaned at him. Aakesh came forward and held his hand angrily.

AA:pooray chaand ke pehle jhuk, ya phir katt

And then he loosened his grip over Hriday and let him fall on the floor.


Later, Hriday’s fellow serpent brought and unconscious and wounded Hriday in his arms, every fellow serpent was saddened at his condition. As Nageshwari heard him coming, she ran towards the direction, the serpent brought down Hriday and Nageshwari held him in her arms sadly, she sat down on his knees balancing him. Just then, it began to rain. Nageshwari just sat there in a state of shock. An old serpent sat by her side and caressed her hair showing sympathy. She screamed in anger and sadness.

Sometime later:

Nageshwari hugged her old serpent father.

“Tu aadi naagin aur aadi naag humesha saath larray ho, aadi naag ke bagair tu jang kaisay larray gi? Yaad rakh vo ek cheel hai, Aakash ka raaja, cheelo’n ka raaja. Tera aur Aadi naag ka kattar dushman.”

N: jang sirf larri nahi jaati, kheli bhi jaati hai. Usay nahi pata us ne kis se dushmani morr li hai, moorkh hai woh moorkh.

Sometime later:

Nageshwari in her snake form crawled to eagles’ cave. As she reached, she transformed in her human version, her face was covered. All eagle’s attention went towards her, she went to the head of eagles who was known as Khagendra. She uncovered her face for a brief moment.

N: Aadi naagin.

Aakesh who was sitting at a distance stood up hearing her voice and came to her with his dagger and stared at her from top to bottom.

N: kar mujh pe kabza, larr mujhse, toh nau maniyaan teri

Aakesh looked at her from top to bottom.

AA:hai kaun tu?

N: Qayamat, teri kattar dushman, aadi naagin hoon main, mooorkh

She said furiously and he angrily grabbed her head.

N: kabhi naagino’n ke itna paas nahi aaya na?


He left her pushing her away.

N: saamne se maarne aayi hoon, theek usi tarha jis tarha tu ne aadi naag ko ghayal kiya, Hriday ko ghayal kiya.

He kept staring at her and took his dagger and touched it over her tummy making her feel cold and brought the sword closer to her eyes. Just when he was about to remove her niqaab by his dagger, she pushed his dagger away along with him.

N: mujhe jeetna hai toh mujhe hara de, warna bhool ja un nau maniyo’n ko

AA: chehra dekhe bina ye aakash ka raaja, ye cheelo’n ka raja Aakesh kabhi nahi larrta, chehra dikha, naqaab hatta aadi naagin, deedar kara

Nageshwari creased her eyebrows.

N: larrnay ke liye deedaar kiun? Yakeen nahi ho raha ke aadi naagin tujh jaise moorkh ke aagay khari hai?

AA:larrnay ka kaaran chahiye

N: larrnay ka kaaran hai tere paas bhi aur mere paas bhi, tujhe woh nau maniyaan chahiye, mujhe mere Aadi naagin par kiye gaye waar ka badla

Aa: deedar ho ga, agar deedar nahi toh jung nahi

N: toh phir nazar jhuka


N: aadi naagin ka niyam, main sooraj ki kiran hoon, nazar jhuka lo toh hi behtar hai

Aakesh went near a well which was lower than them and was filled with water. She too went and stood beside him and unveiled her face for a brief moment and then again veiled her face. They stood to face each other.

N: deedar toh ho gaya, larrne ki ek aur wajah mil gayi, (then she pushed his head furiously) larrne ki himmat hai kya? Moorkh

He held her arm furiously.

AA:sirf mere or iskay beech hogi ye laraai

He said to all the eagles and he flapped his wings going around her and wrapped his arm around her from behind flying out of the eagle cave and landed near a jungle, she fell on her knees but then stood up.

AA:jo pehle haar maan le, vo apna lahoo baha de

He said putting forward his condition.

N: or agar tumhare lahoo ka ek bhi katra baha, toh humari nau maniyo’n se munh morr lena

She said putting forward her condition.

AA:or agar haar maan lenay wali tum hui toh?

N: toh woh nau maniyaan bhi tumhari or main bhi tumhari

AA:yeh ek ghanna jungle hai, or yahan 100 raastay hain, 100 ke 100 raastay galat hain

He said, she sat down near his feet and touched the soil beside him, he walked forward and she kicked him and he fell over his face.

N: toh galat hi sahi

She ran away in the jungle, he too stood up and ran behind her.

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