Abhishek Malhan steps out with family after Bigg Boss OTT 2; Contemplates being a part of Bigg Boss 17

Making a triumphant appearance following his Bigg Boss OTT 2 journey, the charismatic Abhishek Malhan emerged with his family at the bustling Mumbai airport, engaging in a candid conversation with eager photographers.

The YouTube sensation graciously shared his thoughts on potential future endeavors, including the much-discussed possibility of participating in Bigg Boss 17. Amidst the airport chatter, Abhishek extended his heartfelt congratulations to Elvish Yadav for his victory in Bigg Boss OTT 2, emphasizing his camaraderie with fellow contestant Manisha.

Addressing his connection with the vibrant city of Mumbai, Abhishek revealed that while he would miss the bustling metropolis after an extended 70-day stay, his bonds with people remain steadfast and unwavering. As the conversation shifted to his relationship with Manisha, Abhishek’s mother affectionately mentioned that he considers her as a sister, while his father playfully asserted that the future is in the hands of the young individuals involved. Abhishek chimed in, asserting that his affections and alliances endure beyond the show’s confines.

Intriguingly, the topic veered toward the prospect of Abhishek’s involvement in Bigg Boss 17. Delving into his perspective, Abhishek disclosed, “The overwhelming love and support from my fans are making me contemplate the idea. Initially, I was steadfast in my decision to abstain from another reality show. However, a pivotal moment occurred when Prince Narula, a guiding figure, extended his encouragement during my hospital visit. The future remains uncertain, and I am open to the possibilities.”

As Abhishek Malhan embarked on his first public appearance post-Bigg Boss OTT 2, his candid insights and contemplation on future ventures, including the potential Bigg Boss 17 journey, added a layer of intrigue and anticipation to his evolving narrative.

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