Actor Sharad Malhotra adds another feather to his hat with ‘Naughty Balma’ 

Stepping out of his comfort zone, acclaimed actor Sharad Malhotra ventured into unexplored musical terrain with “Naughty Balma.” In a candid revelation, he shared that when initially approached for the song, the director presented him with a unique challenge: rapping. This genre posed an exciting yet daunting endeavor for him.

During a recent interview, Sharad talked about it and expressed, “For the very first time, I delved into the distinct genre of ‘Naughty Balma.’ The music’s ambience and the visual aesthetics of the video stand apart from anything I’ve undertaken in my career. It demanded courage, a quality I credit to my director, Faisal, and the creative team, for their relentless support and encouragement.”

The composition co-stars Soundous Moufakir, whom Sharad hailed as a “powerhouse performer.” He commended her daring feats on a daredevil stunt show, underscoring her prowess. Reflecting on their collaborative synergy, he shared, “This marks our first collaboration, and Soundous is an absolute powerhouse on the performance front. Her contribution has been impeccable. Our hope is that audiences will resonate with the song’s allure.”

Detailing his role in the song’s creation, Sharad recounted, “Upon hearing the song, I was instantly captivated by its quirky tagline. From the music director to the singers, each played an exceptional role in bringing it to life. Additionally, the director’s revelation that I needed to rap presented an intriguing challenge. Rapping mandates impeccable synchronization, timing, and coordination – aspects I was relatively new to. However, driven by my penchant for exploration, I embraced the challenge.”

Notably, this marks the second collaboration between Sharad Malhotra and Krooners Musik, an association he treasures deeply. Reflecting on the partnership, he shared, “Krooners Musik is a dream to work with. This marks my second association with them. They stand out as a dynamic music label that embraces experimentation and supports its artists wholeheartedly. It’s been an absolute joy collaborating with their team, and I’m hopeful that audiences will relish the mischievous spirit of this ‘Balma.’”

Anticipation grows as the much-awaited “Naughty Balma” is set to make its debut on August 21. With Sharad Malhotra’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and the creative synergy of Krooners Musik, this musical venture is poised to captivate and resonate with audiences anew.

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