Actress Shraddha Arya transforms her vanity van into a Cozy Oasis amidst the glamorous chaos of Kundali Bhagya sets

In the bustling realm of bright lights and rolling cameras on the vibrant sets of Kundali Bhagya, the talented actress Shraddha Arya harbored a deep-seated desire: to infuse her vanity van with an eloquent expression of her unique taste and style. After patiently waiting for the opportune moment, she finally seized the chance to embark on a creative journey of redecoration, resulting in a stunning transformation that harmonizes aesthetics with comfort.

Shraddha’s reimagined sanctuary is an eloquent testament to her discerning vision. Recognizing the significant portion of her time dedicated to the show’s production, she realized the paramount importance of carving out a personal haven. The project took shape with a well-defined purpose—to craft a harmonious dining area that would serve as an oasis for relishing meals, as well as an illuminated corner that resonates with her vibrant and lively demeanor.

The actress, known for her fondness for literature, ensured the inclusion of a cozy nook dedicated to her cherished pastime—reading books and diligently preparing for her demanding scenes. A space imbued with warmth, her vanity van now seamlessly blends comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

In a recent interview, Shraddha talked about the profound transformation of her mobile sanctuary and shared, “In the whirlwind of shoot schedules, my vanity van has emerged as a serene sanctuary, a tranquil escape nestled within the bustling pace. Collaborating with accomplished designers, I’ve curated a space that encapsulates both comfort and personal style. The dining alcove holds a special place in my heart—it’s where I unwind and relish quiet moments over delightful meals. The cozy reading corner rekindles my passion for script perusal and literary exploration, offering solace between scenes. This endeavor embodies the essence of self-care, a poignant reminder that amidst the demands of a bustling career, finding moments of serenity is vital.”

Shraddha further expressed, “My newly reimagined vanity van transcends mere aesthetics; it’s a haven that nurtures my well-being and empowers me to deliver my utmost on set, infusing each day with renewed vitality. As a space where I invest more time than my home, I aspired for it to be a reflection of my taste and style, capturing its essence in every detail.”

While the actress indulged in the gratifying process of reshaping her personal haven, the intrigue for Kundali Bhagya’s audience continues to unfold. As viewers remain captivated by the evolving storyline, with Preeta’s plight at the hands of Nidhi’s sinister scheme, Shraddha’s dedication to both her craft and her comfort showcases the dynamic interplay between the demands of the glamorous world and the pursuit of inner tranquility.


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