The conflict between Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani has taken a dramatic turn, with both parties making increasingly sensational accusations and revelations. In a recent press conference, Adil responded to multiple allegations made by Rakhi and made a startling claim that she has intentions to harm him.

During the press conference, Adil stated, “Any evidence that exists should be presented in a court of law. Baseless allegations cannot be thrown around indiscriminately. I have filed a complaint against contract killers in Mysore, as there is a genuine threat to my life. I have also informed the Oshiwara police station about the risk to my life. Rakhi Sawant is conspiring to harm me, and she devised this plan with the involvement of Shelly. I have communicated this information to the Mysore Police as well.”

He continued, “If anything untoward happens to me, if I meet an unfortunate fate or am harmed, the blame will fall on Rakhi Sawant and Shelly Lather. I have evidence to support this claim.” Adil referred to a news article from TOI reporting the arrest of seven contract killers in Mysore, where Shelly Lather was identified as one of them. Adil alleged that Rakhi had hired Shelly for this purpose.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant also held her own press conference, revealing that she has gathered substantial evidence against Adil, leading to shocking revelations. Her initial revelation revolved around Adil’s undisclosed prior marriages, asserting that he had been married 2-3 times before marrying her. She presented court marriage records from Adil’s previous unions and detailed instances of alleged rape cases.

Rakhi also claimed that Adil had plotted to harm her, and her close friend Sherlyn Chopra had warned her about it. Rakhi stated, “Sherlyn informed me that Rajshree used to make intoxicated calls to her, inquiring about Adil’s whereabouts. Adil and Rajshree were allegedly planning to harm me as soon as possible. It is indeed a serious allegation, but Sherlyn has confessed this to me, which is why she is supporting me and distancing herself from Adil and Rajshree.”

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