Agnisakshi 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeevika coming to Utkarsh’s room worriedly hearing sound from his room. She sees broken glass on the ground and says she will call someone to clean it. Sukanya tells Lata that when Jeevika’s life will be fine, when we feel that nothing wrong will happen, then it happens. Lata says whatever ups and downs comes in her life, Satvik will never leave her, and says their strong love will take them to their aim amidst the troubles. Sukanya hopes the same thing shall happen.

Jeevika brings icecream for Satvik. Satvik asks if you remember everything. Jeevika says no, I heard you talking to Utkarsh dada, I am sorry that I don’t remember anything. Satvik says I shall apologize for pressurizing you to remember in this condition, it is my fault. He says take your time, no hurry. He asks her to have icecream. Jeevika refuses and eats icecream. He then asks her to make him eat it. They have icecream. Satvik says he will wait for her to remember him even if it needs another birth. Jeevika asks him to come with her and holds his hand. She takes him to the inhouse temple and says Aai asked me to ask my heart if I know you or not, and my heart said that I know you, but couldnt identify you. She says I trust you and don’t want to wait. She says I want my new life’s new start happen with your hands and shows the mangalsutra.

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