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The Episode starts with Satvik confronting Jeevika and asks why did you lie and made us all cry. He says you have almost taken my life, by lying to me. Jeevika says I didn’t want to hide this from you, I didn’t do this with my wish, I was helpless. Lata talks to someone on call and tells that her working bahu has lost her memory, and don’t know where is the other bahu. She asks Juhi to cool the water and give to Utkarsh, and goes talking on phone. Juhi pours hot water in the water and smiles. Jeevika says I was helpless. Satvik asks her to tell. Jeevika says you trust me and says I will not let it break. She says I will tell you, for whom I have done this. Satvik asks for whom? Jeevika says sorry, I can’t tell you right now. She says think that I am doing this for this house and family’s betterment. Satvik says you shall tell me when you feel right. He hugs her and thinks he will not let her fall in any trouble.

Juhi brings hot water glass to Utkarsh and asks him to take it. Utksarh pushes the glass on her and it falls on Juhi’s dress. Juhi shouts. Shlok comes there with Lata. Juhi says Mausi asked her to give water to him. Lata says I asked you to give cool water. Shlok asks how dare you to give hot water to him. They take Utkarsh from there.

Jeevika comes to the kitchen and drinks water. Utkarsh comes there and asks if you are fine. Jeevika says she is fine. She recalls after the accident, she finds herself in the room. Utkarsh comes there. Jeevika says you are fine Dada and asks if you was acting to be unwell and feigning memory loss. Utkarsh asks her to sit and says he will tell her everything. He says I wish I could answer all your questions, but you have to wait for sometime. He says I remember everything about my life, I was weak, but feeling better in everyone’s care and says thank you. Jeevika asks how is everyone at home, and says they must be worried for me. She says I didn’t fall from the mountain by myself and that someone pushed it. Utkarsh says some days have passed since you had fallen down from the cliff, and says everyone have lost hope of your return, but not Satvik. He says Satvik hopes and is waiting for your return. He says you have to return home, and act as if you have lost the memory, so that we can catch that person who did this with you. fb ends. Jeevika asks Utkarsh to tell her if he knows who has done this with her, and says what is the use of this drama. Satvik wakes up and finds Jeevika missing? He thinks don’t know for whom jeevika is doing this. He goes out of the room.

Utkarsh says you will not believe even after hearing the name from my mouth and says you will be shocked when you see that devil from your face, and the relations meaning will change for you. Jeevika says you can tell me the name and make way easy for me. Utkarsh says I have shown you the way and you have to cover the journey alone. Jeevika says ok, I will cover this alone, and asks him to say everyone that you are not unwell, and is fine and has identified everyone. She says everyone will be very happy. Utkarsh says I know, I can’t tell this to anyone, even if I want. He says you don’t know whose black reflection is on this house. Satvik calls Jeevika. Utkarsh says I will go. He goes. Satvik comes to Jeevika and asks with whom she was talking to? Jeevika says no and then says she was talking to herself, as he don’t talk to her. She says lets go and sleep. They go to room. Satvik ties his hand and Jeevika’s hand with her dupatta. Jeevika asks what is this game? Satvik says you can’t go anywhere. Jeevika says I want to tell you something, and says that day, I didn’t fall from the mountain by myself, but someone had pushed me down.

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