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The Episode starts with Judge telling that both families has to suffer because of a divorce and asks Satvik and Jeevika if they know about the word divorce called in Hindi? He says there was no word in Hindi and that’s why we used the English word divorce and asks them if they are sure that all the hope is over in their relation. He says he wants to ask both if they have read the papers well and asks if Satvik has harassed her mentally. Jeevika says Satvik never harassed her and says he is not like that. The Judge says you didn’t ask for alimony, and says you haven’t completed your education and asks how you will live without money. Jeevika says she will stitch clothes for her earnings. Satvik says you can still work as designer in Savitri silks and tells Judge that he will give her alimony though she don’t want to take. He says until I am alive, I will fulfill my responsibility towards her. Judge asks if this is your last decision. Jeevika says yes. Narayan gets worried and tells Lata that Guru ji is doing the puja, but don’t know why? Lata says everything is fine since I came. Narayan says Jeevika and Satvik are hiding something from us. Lata asks him not to think much. The Judge asks if he wants to take divorce. Satvik says I am the reason for initiating the word divorce in her mind. He says that day I wanted divorce and now Jeevika wants divorce. Judge asks don’t you want it. Satvik says it doesn’t matter, after whatever I did with Jeevika, this was destined to happen. Pradeep prays to God and tells that nothing more wrong shall happen with Jeevika. Jhanvi comes there and says she will ask for Aatya’s happiness, and says Satvik made her smile always. Pradeep says we shall ask God to give her Satvik. Judge says he has never seen such husband and wife, who care for each other. He asks if this is their last wish. Jeevika says yes. The Judge grants them divorce. They come out of court. Lawyer comes and gives them divorce copies. Hamari Adhuri kahani plays……

Guru ji comes to Narayan’s house. His Shishya asks why did he decide to do puja now, in a hurry. Guruji says this is the right time to do puja and he wants to prove that evil can’t win though it is powerful. Satvik sits on the bench there. Jeevika comes there and sits. Satvik says I shall tell this good news to the family. Jeevika says I will tell both the families and says I don’t want anyone to question you. Satvik says it is our decision. Jeevika says it happened due to my wish, I don’t want anyone to accuse you. Satvik says you feel pain when someone accuses me, blame me, hurts me, or when you see me in pain. He says you got the divorce, now tell me the reason of the separation, and asks her not to lie. He says we both know that the marriage compromise is not the reason for our separation, but something else.

Juhi comes to Rajnandini and says your Guru ji has come. Rajnandini says why will I stop him? Juhi says Satvik and Jeevika must have divorced by now. Rajnandini says now I don’t give a damn, whoever comes. Juhi says she will throw her out with her stuff. Rajnandini says Narayan himself will throw her out, and then Satvik will speak up and will say something in her defence and it will stain his relationship with Narayan. Jeevika tells Satvik that now past is past. Satvik says the sad part is you don’t understand what I am going through, and asks her to answer him. Jeevika says we are getting late and you have to go home. Satvik says whose house to go, my home was you, and says you didn’t make you helpless just, but made me homeless. Guru ji asks Uday to make arrangements of the home shuddhi and says it shall be done before the puja. Rajnandini asks Guru ji what puja he is going to do? Guru ji says he can feel doubt in her words. Narayan says Rajnandini regards you more than us. Lata says it would be good if Satvik and Jeevika would have been here. Guru ji says they will come before the puja. Rajnandini thinks they must have divorced by now.

Jeevika says this is your misunderstanding and says I am not your home, but habit and says it is good to get rid of bad habits. Satvik says ok, I will stop taking breath. He says how to make you understand that you are not part of my life, but my life. Jeevika says we are separated and asks him to marry such a girl who is good with face and health. Satvik says our relation is not dependent on any paper or taweez and says you want to go far from me, go away. Jeevika says we have separated from heart also.

Precap: Satvik tells that this time he will marry his choice of girl and she is Jeevi. They reach home. Juhi asks what is in your hand? Guru ji asks jeevika to give file to him. Jeevika gives him the divorce paper file. Guru ji puts it in the havan kund shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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