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The Episode starts with Jeevika telling Satvik that he accepts or not, they are separated from this name sake relation and from heart also. She asks him to accept it and do remarriage. Satvik says I will remarry, but this time I will not marry for helplessness, and not for someone’s happiness. He says this time I will marry the girl of my choice, and she is Jeevika. Jeevika says Satvik. Satvik says I will wait for you like you wait at the gol gappa seller for your turn. He says I will wait for you even if you get married. He gets up to bring the car. Jeevika cries. Satvik brings the car. Jeevika sits in the car and they leave.

Rajnandini says it will be fun when Satvik and Jeevika will announce their divorce and make this house as the crematorium ground. Guru ji hears her and says he has come to make the good win and evil lose. Rajnandini says then you will lose and says what is good for me, is bad for you. She says you can’t give certificate of goodness or evil. Guru ji warns her to end her revenge aim else she will be destroyed. Shlok, Aadhya and others are sitting for puja. Guru ji says whatever I say, you all shall do without asking me anything. Narayan agrees. Juhi waits for Satvik and Jeevika. Satvik and Jeevika come there. Lata excitedly says they have come, and says Guru ji said right that they will come before the puja begins. Juhi asks them what is in the envelope? Satvik says this is not important. Juhi asks why you have kept it safely then? Jeevika says we will talk later about it, and asks Rajnandini to keep it with herself, and says you knows well what is inside it. Juhi says she will read it. Rajnandini says we can’t read it now. Guru ji asks didn’t you hear what your sister said and asks Juhi to give the envelope to him. Juhi refuses. Lata asks her to give it to Guru ji. Guru ji asks her to give another envelope also which is in Satvik’s hand. They give both envelopes to Guru ji. Guru ji keeps the envelopes in the havan kund and says swaha. Jeevika and Satvik get shocked to see their divorce papers burning. Sukanya, Swara and Pradeep come to Satvik’s house. Sukanya says Lata called us here for puja. Swara asks why Pallavi haven’t come. Pradeep says he don’t want any drama, and tells that they will take Jeevika from here today.

Rajnandini shouts at Guru ji and asks what did he do? Guru ji says if anyone has problem then he will end the havan right here. Narayan and Lata apologize to him. Guru ji says he can understand Rajnandini’s anger, and asks Satvik and Jeevika to go, take bath and come ready for the puja/havan. Pradeep, Sukanya and Swara come there. Rajnandini goes to room and tells Juhi that the divorce paper copy can get from the court anytime, and tells that Guru ji was burning my ego. She says she will defeat Guru ji. Jeevika gets ready and is about to wear the bangles. Satvik asks her to let him wear it and asks when we will meet again. Jeevika says we will never meet again.

Jeevika wears the mangalsutra and is about to get sindoor applied in her hairline, but Rajnandini stops her and says she shall not apply it and shall not sit for puja. Pradeep collides with Satvik, and asks if everything is done. Satvik asks if you know about it. Pradeep says yes, Jeevika had told me, I tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen. Satvik says did you know the reason for our divorce? Pradeep says yes. Satvik says you know, but she didn’t tell me. Pradeep says only she has the right to tell you.

Rajnandini says after separating from Satvik, it is wrong that you are still tied with sindoor and mangalsutra and then how can Satvik separate from you. She is about to take the sindoor, but Jeevika stops her and says I will not agree to your sayings, and says I am not his wife legally, but I am his wife even now from my heart. Rajnandini says I know that just few hours have past. Jeevika says she can’t leave her sindoor and mangalsutra of Satvik’s name. She applies sindoor in her maang, angering Rajnandini. Rajnandini says Jeevika, neither your mangalsutra nor your sindoor can save your relation, and says you will set off after this puja fire sets off.

Satvik asks Pradeep to tell why Jeevika wants to separate from him, and says I will change myself fully. He asks him to tell him and says I am sure that I have done a mistake and I will rectify it. Pradeep says it is neither yours nor Jeevi’s mistake, and says it is destiny’s mistake else this marriage wouldn’t have ended this way. He asks Pradeep to tell the truth and says he has the courage to hear it. Pradeep doesn’t tell him. Satvik says I will find out.

Precap: Satvik and Jeevika exchange garlands. Guru ji then asks Satvik to make Jeevika wear mangalsutra. Jeevika gets up and says I want to tell something.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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