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The Episode starts with Swara telling Shlok that she doesn’t understand what is happening with Jeevika and Satvik, as the former has refused him. Shlok says even I don’t understand. Juhi says you will know it soon. Guru ji asks Satvik and Jeevika to sit for puja and says it can’t happen without you both. Jeevika thinks may be Vahini was right, I shall not sit with Satvik. Rajnandini asks Jeevika to stop this puja right here, and says you both are not married, but divorced now, and says it is like lying to God. Lata asks them to discuss later, as they are getting late for puja. Jeevika says I want to tell something to you all. Rajnandini says finally that moment has come, which I was waiting for. Jeevika says the matter is…Guru ji says it is not important, and what is important is that this puja shall happen. Narayan says we will talk to you after puja. Lata asks her to do whatever Guru ji says, and say whatever she wants to, after the puja. Jeevika sits with Satvik for the puja. He asks Pandit ji to begin the rituals. Pandit ji asks them to keep their palms infront of him. He then puts something in their hands and asks them to put it in the havan fire. Satvik tells Jeevika that they will tell everything after puja. Shlok tells Aadhya that it is good that they meet the both families. He thinks he shall not concentrate on Swara and shall message mystery girl. He messages girl and Swara’s phone beeps. He looks at her.

Guru ji asks Satvik and Guru ji to exchange garlands. Satvik thinks these rituals shall never end and we don’t need to separate. Satvik makes Jeevika wear the garland. Jeevika also makes Satvik wear the garland. Guru ji asks them to sit. He asks Satvik not to worry, and says all your wishes will be fulfilled, and says whoever has God with him, nothing wrong can happen with that person. Rajnandini gets angry. Juhi tells her that she came to see their divorce drama, and asks how did you do this drama? Rajnandini says just like I bear you, and says just as they announce their divorce, I will create the drama. Guru ji asks Aadhya to take the cloth to the elders and get their blessings. All the elders touch the cloth. Guru ji asks Pandit ji to give the flower plate. He asks Swara to give it to everyone. Swara gives the flower petals to everyone. Juhi asks what is going on, and asks what is under the red cloth. Rajnandini says I am worried for myself, and says I will take the breath when everyone comes to know about their divorce. Jeevika asks Satvik when they will tell them truth and says you are sitting silently as if nothing happened in court. Satvik says I myself don’t want to do anything and if I do then Guru ji will not let me do. Shlok messages the mystery girl and Swara’s phone rings. He thinks if the girl is Swara.

Pandit ji asks Satvik to make Jeevika wear the mangalsutra. Sukanya asks Pradeep why Guru ji is getting their marriage done again. Pradeep says Guru ji is following God’s will, it is happening as per his wish. Satvik takes the mangalsutra in his hand. Guru ji asks Satvik to make her wear mangalsutra and says this ritual will not be completed without it. Lata says you are not making her wear mangalsutra for the first time, and asks why your hands are shaking. She says you shall get habitual to make her wear mangalsutra even in darkness. Narayan says you shall not hesitate to make her wear it. Juhi asks Rajnandini if they will get married again. Jeevika tells Guru ji that she wants to tell something. Rajnandini says we shall let her say what she wants to. Narayan asks what is bothering her? Sukanya asks her to say. Lata says you all are behind the kids, and says they might be tensed as they are doing rituals again.

Jeevika says the matter is big. Guru ji stops Jeevika and asks her if she don’t want her family to be happy. Jeevika says I want everyone’s happiness. Guru ji says you need to do this marriage, by doing this puja, you are making sure that this house will have happiness and the evil will end from the house. He asks Satvik to make her wear mangalsutra and complete the puja, and says this ritual is very important for not just you, but your family members too. Satvik makes her wear mangalsutra. Guru ji asks Satvik to fill Jeevika’s maang with sindoor and express his love for her. Satvik fills sindoor in Jeevika’s maang. Guru ji says now it is the time for the seven vows which will unite you for seven births and asks them to get up for the rounds. Satvik recalls telling Jeevika that when he marries her again, then he will fulfill all the vows with the same intensity, and he will marry only her. He holds Jeevika’s hand and takes rounds with her. Everyone smiles and throw flower petals on them. Satvik takes the first vow. Sukanya tells Pradeep that this is like they are watching their first marriage. Pradeep tells that this time it is special and tells that now he is sure about Satvik, they are destined to be together. Guru ji says with the completion of seven rounds, their marriage and this puja is completed.

Rajnandini shouts at Guru ji asking why did he get the marriage done by cheat, when he knows that they are already married. She gets angry shocking everyone. Guru ji apologizes to her and says he wants their happiness. He says that he was helpless to do this, and tells that he didn’t tell anyone as he didn’t want any bad sight to fall on this marriage. He says we want this family’s betterment and asks if she wants this family’s betterment. Rajnandini asks yes, I want this house betterment.

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