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The Episode starts with Jeevika bringing medicine for Utkarsh and makes him have it. Utkarsh is happy and looks at the Rakhis on his hand. She says you have pushed me to save me from the plant pot and thanks him. Utkarsh smiles. Jeevika asks him to take care and goes. She comes to Juhi’s room and asks why did you throw that plant pot. Juhi says I was watering the plant, it didn’t happen due to my mistake, I didn’t do it intentionally. Jeevika says he is your own Jija ji and asks if you didn’t see that he is hurt. Juhi says he is my jiju, and asks why you are interfering in the relations. Jeevika says I have taken responsibility of handling relations and says I have valued and cared all the relations since my childhood. Juhi says you are lecturing me, who has hidden a big fact from the family that she can’t be a mother. Jeevika is shocked.

Lata and Narayan are in Utkarsh’s room. Narayan asks what you are thinking? Lata says nothing, if I tell you then you will scold me? Narayan asks her to say. Lata says we shall not trust anyone blindly, and tells that she doubts Juhi and Rajnandini. Narayan says I trust Rajnandini fully and asks Lata to think 10 times before talking bad about Rajnandini. Utkarsh hears them in sleep.

Jeevika asks how did you know about this? Juhi says I know more secrets about you.
Juhi says I didn’t see such a hypocrite like you. She says at one sided, you talk about relations and you hide truth from others. She says you are selfish too, and is stuck with the house like termite, even after knowing that Narayan uncle got Satvik married to you for heir. She says you will not go until this house will become lonely. She says you are here for the money, wealth and luxuries. She says if your relation is connected with this house due to this mangalsutra, then I will break it. Jeevika asks her to leave her mangalsutra. Juhi says I will break it. Jeevika slaps her and says move your hand from this mangalsutra, and says if you don’t move your hand, then you will get many slaps. She says I thought your mistakes as your innocence, and says if you don’t leave it then I will forget whose sister you are. Juhi leaves her mangalsutra. Jeevika says don’t touch it and goes. She goes out and recalls Sukanya’s promise. She comes to the temple and says I was ready to leave Satvik for his happiness, and was ready to tell him about my truth, but Aai gave me promise. She says Aai couldn’t understand that the truth can’t be hidden if eyes are closed, it is not seen for some time. She says today Juhi’s questions made me stand on the same path, where I have no answer. She asks Bappa, please show me the way, shall I keep respect of my Aai’s promise, or tell truth to Satvik and his family. She asks God to show the way and cries.

Satvik wakes up in the middle of the night and looks for Jeevika. He opens the door and Jeevika falls on him. He asks where did you go? He sees her stomach bleeding as if she is stabbed. It turns out to be his dream. He comes out looking for her. Jeevika gets a message from the unknown number, if she wants to know what happened with Utkarsh then she shall come tomorrow to meet him alone. She wonders who is the person? She comes to the room. Satvik comes there and asks Jeevika, where was she, and says he was scared of the bad dream which he saw yesterday. He says he is scared to lose her. Jeevika gets a message again. Satvik asks what happened? Jeevika shows the message to him. Satvik says you will not go and meet anyone, and says you had done a mistake during your kidnapping also. He calls on that number, but the call couldn’t be connected. He calls Pramod and asks him to enquire about the number. Jeevika says may be this person is saying truth. Satvik says you will not go anywhere alone for few days. Jeevika nods her head and thinks to find out about this message truth.

Narayan says we all are going to temple, as happiness came in the house after many years. Juhi says I have to go to parlour. Lata asks who invited you. Rajnandini says we shall go together and thank God. Satvik asks if we need to go today itself. Narayan asks what is the problem? Jeevika says Satvik wants to ask which temple? Narayan says he had done mannat to visit their kuldevi temple. Satvik says ok, he will come.

Satvik tells Jeevika that they shall stay at home, and shall not go. Jeevika asks if you are scared of the dream and asks him not to be scared. Satvik says you shall be infront of him. Jeevika says I will never leave you.

Shlok messages Swara and says he will come to her college daily to look for the girl. Swara messages that there are more than 500 girls in her college.

Juhi comes to Jeevika and asks her to say sorry for slapping her. She asks her to fold her hands and apologize. Jeevika refuses. Juhi says if you don’t apologize to me, then I will tell your truth to Satvik and Narayan uncle. Jeevika asks her to go and tell everyone, and says I have slapped you for saving my mangalsutra. She says a woman can do anything to save her mangalsutra.

Precap: Jeevika is leaving from the house. She feels as if the universe is stopping her. She shouts Satvik. Jeevika’s family comes there. Lata asks Narayan, shall we tell them that their daughter will never come. Satvik cries and asks Jeevika to return.

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