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The Episode starts with Aadhya telling that it is fun to see Guru ji getting them married again and again. Satvik says someone shall ask if we want to marry again or not. Lata says we know that you both are happy and says after this puja, this house is peaceful and calm. Shlok says we didn’t let one rasam happened. Lata says what is this rasam and asks him to say. Shlok says Bhaiyya and Bhabhi’s honeymoon. Lata says we had forgotten about it. Shlok says they are married for 6 months, but they didn’t go. Aadhya says they couldn’t go to Swiss honeymoon. Satvik says I will not do the mistake again and says lets do the packing. Rajnandini says there are many meetings lined up and then says its ok, honeymoon is necessary. Jeevika says I will not let him compromise with work. Shlok asks her to go somewhere near. Aadhya asks how will be our lonavala farmhouse. Rajnandini says nobody can go there. Narayan asks why? Rajnandini says it is closed since many years, there must be much dust there, and says they shall go to romantic destination. Lata says if you will control, where they will go or not. She says let them decide where they want to go. Aadhya says I heard you talking to someone about caretaker. Jeevika thinks why Vahini is scared. Rajnandini says thank you Aadhya, I had forgotten that I had allotted caretaker there. Lata asks Satvik and Jeevika to go there. Rajnandini says I will inform the caretaker. Jeevika thinks why Vahini is worried. Rajnandini thinks if Satvik and Jeevika see what they shouldn’t. Juhi comes there and says Lata is even now wondering. Rajnandini asks her not to waste her mind. Juhi asks what does you want and asks what is the secret which you can’t tell your younger sister? Rajnandini asks her to leave. She calls the goons, but they don’t pick the call.

Jeevika comes to the room, and asks what is all this? Satvik says I am excited to go with him, and says this is all honeymoon arrangements. He finds her medical report. Jeevika says I don’t think that we shall go there. Satvik asks why is she scared to go there. Jeevika says no. He says I had sworn not to agree to your sayings.

Rajnandini tries to convince Narayan to stop Satvik and Jeevika. Satvik and Jeevika come there. Satvik says Mausi, we are ready to go. Lata says you are eager to go, I feel that you will fulfill Narayan’s dream. Satvik says I am not refusing either. Jeevika looks on sad. Rajnandini is upset that the call is not connecting. Juhi asks why is she worried.

Satvik and Jeevika leave. Jeevika thinks what will happen, when he comes to know about my truth. Satvik says nothing will happen and says whatever the problem is, we will solve together. He says we will reach the destination surely, and says I will not leave your hand, and has double right on you after the marriage. Jeevika gets emotional.

Shlok is waiting outside Swara’s college. Swara comes out and asks what you are doing here? Shlok says I am waiting for my love. Swara asks who told you, that she studies here. Shlok says she herself told me. Swara says I wish you find her. Shlok says you will enquire about her. Swara says yes.

Rajnandini calls the caretaker Sundari and asks why she took time to pick the call. Caretaker says she was fastening up the rope of your guest. Rajnandini smiles. She asks her to hide everything before Satvik and Jeevika reach there. Udkarsh is shown unconscious on the floor and chained. Satvik says God gave all the romance to him. They get down. Jeevika runs behind Satvik to hit him. Sundari opens Udkarsh’s chain and asks him to get up, says your Bidaai time came. Udkarsh is in room away from the house, and pushes Sundari. Jeevika and Satvik hear the voice and are coming there. Sundari holds Udkarsh. He pushes her and frees himself from the chains. Just then Sundari gives him injection and makes him unconscious. Satvik says I will call caretaker. Sundari hides Udkarsh inside the dry grass. Satvik calls Sundari and her phone rings. Jeevika says phone is ringing here. Sundari panics. Jeevika peeps in the room and finds the chains. Sundari comes from behind her and keeps hand on her shoulder. Jeevika gets scared.

Precap: Satvik and Jeevika dance in the night. Udkarsh runs in the night. Satvik and Jeevika looks on.

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