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The Episode starts with Udkarsh looking at the locket while he is hiding in the car decky. Sundari sees Jeevika and Satvik leaving in the car and calls Rajnandini to inform her. Rajnandini says they left so soon and asks her to concentrate on him. Sundari says your safe keeping is safe here. Rajnandini smiles. Jeevika and Satvik reach home and go inside. Utkarsh comes out of the car decky and looks at the house. Jeevika talks to Jhanvi and says she will help her with the project some other day. Satvik asks her to go and says he will also come. Jeevika says you have a meeting to attend, and asks him to go. She says she will go with the driver. The watchman sees Utkarsh and asks him to go from there. Utkarsh runs away. Satvik and Jeevika come out hearing him. Watchman says there was some strange man. Satvik asks Jeevika to sit in the car and says I will send driver.

Rajnandini comes to Satvik and asks did you read Mehta’s file which I had highlighted. Satviks ays yes. Rajnandini says she talked to Papa’s doctor and he told that his reports are fluctuating. Satvik says we shall get him treated in US. Rajnandini says everyone can’t be fine with money and says his condition is mentally. She says Doctor suggested her to show him to psychiatrist and says his pain is deep rooted about Utkarsh. She tells that they have to make him realize that he is no more, and says Lata Mausi says right taht he is no more. She says he will get mukti when his shradh happens. Satvik gets emotional. Rajnandini smiles.

Jeevika is going in the car, when Utkarsh comes and falls on the car. Jeevika shouts Ashok. Ashok asks her not to worry. Jeevika says we have to take him to the hospital. The people gather there. A guy says it is not your driver mistake, he must be drunkard guy. Jeevika says even he will be having a family, who is waiting for him and says they will take him to hospital.

Satvik tells Narayan that they shall do Utkarsh’s shradh. Narayan cries and tells Satvik that he has hurt him a lot. He says he will not believe until he sees his dead body. Rajnandini hears them and smiles happily. Narayan feels chest pain. Satvik shouts calling Shlok and Aadhya. They come there. Satvik says we shall take him to hospital. They take him there.

Rajnandini tells the viewers that Papa will not die so soon, and I will not let him die now, he has to drink his sons’ blood, and says this attack will be on his heart, to distance him from Satvik. She says now they will shed blood tears like they made me cried. She says Utkarsh’s shradh will be the start of this house’s destruction.

Jeevika takes Utkarsh to hospital. Doctor tells Jeevika that he is going through severe trauma. Jeevika asks her not to worry about the expenses, and tells that she will pay. Doctor says we have to operate on him, his bleeding shall stop. She comes out and sees Satvik, Shlok and Aadhya rushing Narayan there. She comes there. Satvik hugs her blaming himself. Shlok says we all shall accept this truth. Jeevika says you can’t hurt Papa or anyone. Satvik says I just want Papa to be fine. Aadhya asks how did you reach here so soon, and asks if Rajnandini bhabhi told you about him. Jeevika says I was here before, and tells that accident had happened, and that’s why I had brought the guy to the hospital, and took his treatment responsibility. Doctor comes to Jeevika and says the patient needs rare blood. She says he had previous injuries too. Satvik asks about his blood group. Doctor says O negative. Satvik offers to give his blood to him. Jeevika says Satvik. Satvik asks her not to worry. Doctor asks Nurse to take his blood sample first. Satvik is about to see Utkarsh, who is on the bed beside him, but couldn’t see due to the curtain between them. Satvik prays to God to save the man and says his life will be the gift for his family.

Rajnandini comes to Narayan and thinks she is happy to see him there, but what to do, she shall act to sympathize with him. She says Papa, if you are fine. Narayan says I don’t know how can Satvik think of Utkarsh’s Shradh. Rajnandini says even I am searching the answer for it, and says how can Satvik think of his shradh without any confirmation of his life and death. She says then I thought that Satvik is doing this for you, until when you will wait for him. She says we will wait for him, but I shall accept Satvik’s words that I am a widow now. She lies. Narayan says sorry to her on Satvik’s behalf. Satvik comes there. Narayan says I want to take rest. Rajnandini asks him to talk to Papa later. Satvik goes. She thinks nobody can be a big player than Rajnandini in the game of emotions.

Utkarsh gains consciousness after blood transfusion. He holds his head and finds the syringe on his hand, which he takes it out. He falls down the bed while trying to get down, and then he gets up and comes out of the ward. He sees Satvik and Shlok standing, and tries to recollect seeing them.

Precap: Satvik comes home and asks what is happening? Jeevika says Utkarsh dada’s shradh arrangements. Rajnandini acts, shouts Utkarsh and pretends to faint and fall down. Juhi holds her. Jeevika thinks when it was Vahini’s idea then why she is behaving as if she is against the shradh. Later Jeevika brings Utkarsh to Savitri Nivas surprising all the family members and shocking Rajnandini.

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