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The Episode starts with Rajnandini telling Juhi that it is her turn to grow hatred fire between them. They see Satvik and Narayan coming home from hospital. Juhi asks if Jeevika has ruined your plan. She goes. Rajnandini acts and says I am happy to see you talking to Satvik again. Narayan asks Satvik to get ready for puja. Satvik takes him to his room. Rajnandini says I will scratch their wounds, until this house is deserted. The nurse tells Jeevika that they can’t keep the patient in the hospital for long and we have to sent him to mental asylum or Police after his treatment. Shlok calls Jeevika and asks when you will come? Jeevika asks him to ask Pandit ji to start the puja, and says she will come. She ends the call and tells Doctor that they can’t leave him like this, and has to think something.

Rajnandini acts and cries while sitting for Shradh puja. Aadhya asks Narayan not to fall weak. Lata asks him to have patience for the family and says if you break down then what will happen. She says if Utkarsh was alive then he would have called you or talk to you. She says he was never irresponsible and tells that they have to accept the fact now. Narayan asks what wrong we have done with anyone that this thing is happening with my family. Rajnandini smirks.

Satvik looks at Utkarsh’s photo frame and says sorry Dada, we have to do this, whenever I think of childhood, I think about you first, as you used to safeguard us and guided us after Mummy went. He says please return home. Shlok says nobody is thinking what Bhaiyya is going through, and says Utkarsh Bhaiyya was his friend too, not just his brother. Aadhya asks where is Bhaiyya? Satvik comes there holding the photo frame.

Jeevika brings Utkarsh to her house and asks him to come. Utkarsh looks at Savitri Nivas. Rajnandini thinks they have to cry until their tears ruins their eyes, and Narayan Bhosle has to lose all his children, this thing is happening for the first time that a brother is doing the shradh when his brother is alive. Jeevika asks Utkarsh not to worry and says you are safe here. Pandit ji asks Satvik to place the garland on the photo frame and give shraddhanjali to the dead person. Jeevika asks Utkarsh to come. Lata asks Satvik to do it. Satvik is about to keep the garland on Utkarsh’s photo frame, when Jeevika brings Utkarsh there. Satvik sees him and drops the garland on the ground. Jeevika looks at the photo frame and gets surprised. Everyone looks at Utkarsh. Rajnandini gets shocked. Satvik runs to Utkarsh and hugs him. He asks how are you, you have agreed to my sayings. Narayan gets super happy that Utkarsh is back. Lata asks did you miss me? Shlok asks do you miss me? Aadhya says Dada might remember me. Satvik asks we missed you a lot and asks Jeevika from where you found him. Jeevika tells that he is the person who met with an accident that day. Narayan asks him to meet him. Utkarsh hides behind Jeevika, being scared.

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