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The Episode starts with Jeevika smiling seeing Satvik happy and asks if he is fine. Satvik says he is fine and says after Mummy went, dada used to leave his work to be with me, had taken care of me, and used to become Maa and Papa both. He says even my teenager was spent in his care, and he used to tell me that I will make you do my double care. He says today he is like this, but I am happy that he is with me. Jeevika takes off bad sight from them. Utkarsh smiles a bit.

Rajnandini tells Juhi that Jeevika didn’t do right by bringing Utkarsh here. Juhi asks did you know where was he and in what condition, and asks if you are responsible for his condition. Rajnandini says yes, I have done everything. Juhi says how can you do this with your husband. Rajnandini says love… and starts throwing things. Juhi asks why you are angry? Rajnandini says utkarsh is in miserable condition because of himself, and says he went far from me and wanted to throw me out of the house, and says if he had thrown me then would have thrown you out from here as well. she says before he snatched shelter from our heads, I made him homeless. Juhi says you did right and says I used to think him innocent, and says I am with you. Rajnandini says thank you juhi, I knew that my sister will make me understand. Juhi says we have to make Jeevika understand that she shall not interfere in your matters. Rajnandini says she won’t let her do anything.

Shlok asks Satvik what is he thinking? Satvik says I am feeling as if I am seeing a dream, and tells that everyone is happy after Utkarsh dada returned, but scared to get the bad sight. Shlok says there is someone’s bad sight and counts the incidents. Satvik says Utkarsh returned, but it seems someone had punished him by keeping him away from us, but for what.

Rajnandini searches for something. Lata asks what you are searching? Rajnandini says headache medicine. Lata says she shall be happy seeing her husband, but she got headache. Rajnandini taunts her for staying here. Lata says she came to see her Bhao ji with his three sons, and tells that she will leave too, and asks her to think what will happen with her.

Narayan is happy that Utkarsh is back. Lata says bad thing will happen with bad people. Juhi asks Rajnandini to act else everyone will doubt her. Rajnandini comes to Utkarsh. Utkarsh gets scared and holds Jeevika’s pallu. Jeevika asks her to talk to him later. Narayan asks Jeevika not to ignore Rajnandini’s feelings. Sundari comes there. Jeevika says I called her here. Narayan asks who is she? Jeevika says she is our farmhouse’s caretaker. Lata asks why you called her now. Jeevika tells Satvik that they were someone in the farmhouse. Satvik says yes, I found half roti and some foot prints, but didn’t find anyone. Jeevika says utkarsh dada was there in the farm house too, and I called Sundari to know what he was doing there that day. Sundari says I didn’t know what this Madam is saying and says she is seeing him for the first time. Rajnandini asks Jeevika if Utkarsh was in our farmhouse and we didn’t know, and says it might be misunderstanding. Jeevika says it is not my misunderstanding and goes from there. Rajnandini tells that Jeevika can’t accuse anyone without proofs, it is wrong. Satvik says he is with Jeevika. Narayan says Jeevika will not accuse anyone without any reason. Jeevika shows the taweez given by Guru ji which she had lost in farmhouse, and which she found with Dada. Sundari lies that she found him outside the farmhouse, and that’s why she gave him shelter. She says he didn’t know his name either, so how I would bring him here. Jeevika asks what about the medicines which was given to him since a long time. Sundari says she didn’t know about it. Jeevika says Doctor had told her this. Sundari says she doesn’t know. Rajnandini goes to Sundari and thanks her for saving Utkarsh and for taking care of her. Aadhya thanks her.

Rajnandini scolds Sundari in the room, and says you didn’t call me after utkarsh escaped, and you didn’t call me either before coming here. She says I gave you phone to inform me and not to play game. Sundari says she came as Jeevika had sent car. Rajnandini says you should have escaped or should have jumped out of the car. Sundari says then I would have broken my feet. Sundari says I have executed your plan, and you shall give me something. She says don’t talk about 7000 salary, as the matter is about lakhs now. She says I want job here in this house.

Aadhya comes and brings the rakhis. Lata says Raksha Bandhan is happening and celebrating after a long time. Jeevika says it is happy moment. Aadhya reminisces the past rakshabandhan. Jeevika says dada will remember soon. Shlok says Dada will identify Aadhya soon. Juhi tells that she don’t bear to see them happy. Rajnandini says even my sister don’t like them to be happy. She says lets go and make them cry.

Rajnandini tells Juhi that she will show her face to her husband. She asks Utkarsh how is he? Jeevika comes infront of her. Juhi says I am seeing since a long time that you are stopping a wife from meeting her husband. Jeevika moves to side. Utkarsh gets scared and hides his face turning to Aadhya. Rajnandini tries to talk to him forcibly. Utkarsh gets up and grabs her neck with his hand. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap: Satvik tells Jeevika that Mummy used to tell him a story, that whenever any problems come then Angel will come and will get us rid of all the problems. He says that angel is you. Jeevika says I love you and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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