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The Episode starts with Manas asking Satvik why is he worried? Satvik says he doesn’t feel good, the way Dada was found, and says he couldn’t return home as someone had tied him with chains. Manas asks how did you know? Satvik says there is a chains marks on his body and Doctor said that he was in trauma since many years. Rajnandini tries to talk to Utkarsh to show to the family. Utkarsh gets angry and grabs her neck with his hands. Everyone tries to stop him. Jeevika asks Utkarsh to leave her. Satvik comes there and asks him to leave her. Everyone calms down Utkarsh. Rajnandini gets shocked and drinks water. Juhi scolds Jeevika and says that’s why I asked you not to keep jiju away from Di. Shlok tells Juhi that Dada left Bhabhi on Jeevika’s sayings. Rajnandini acts. Narayan and Lata ask her to stay away from Utkarsh. Manas asks Jeevika if she has something in her mind. Jeevika says why Dada reacted this way seeing Rajnandini. Manas tells her that everything is fine between Satvik and you, and asks her not to say anything, as everyone trusts Rajnandini blindly.

Juhi sees Utkarsh sitting alone and thinks to punish him. She says you shall be punished for making us get sleepless nights. He looks at the rakhi. Juhi asks him to come with her, and says she will show him rakhi. He hesitates to go with her. Juhi asks him to come with her. He goes behind her. Juhi takes him outside the house, and asks him to come out. Utkarsh goes out of the house. Juhi goes behind him. She thinks I brought him out, but what I will do now, and says if he becomes handcuff of my neck, then? She goes while Utkarsh goes to the rakhi shop and looks at tit. Juhi looks for him, and goes past him. Utkarsh also searches her and comes to the road. Everyone searches for Utkarsh in the house. Juhi comes back and says I will help you Shlok. She acts and doesn’t tell them that she has left him on the road. Satvik, Jeevika and everyone also search him. Narayan sits crying. Rajnandini acts to cry. Satvik says it is my fault that I couldn’t take care of him. Jeevika says if Dada has gone out. They go out of the house. Juhi gets scared.

Utkarsh tries to cross the road while the cars are about to hit him. Satvik says where did Dada go suddenly. Jeevika says we will search him, and says we shall see in different ways. Utkarsh is scared. Jeevika sees him standing in the middle of the road and the car is about to hit him, when she saves him and takes him to the side of the road. He asks why did you go? She calls Satvik and says Dada is found, and that she will send him location. Satvik comes there and hugs Utkarsh. He asks if he is fine, where he was found. Jeevika says here on the road. Utkarsh smiles looking at the Rakhi shop. Jeevika says she will buy rakhi. She goes to the shop and brings a rakhi for Utkarsh. Utkarsh forwards his hand. Satvik says Dada wants you to tie rakhi. Jeevika gets emotional and ties him rakhi. Satvik laughs and says we will go home now.

Lata asks Narayan not to worry and tells that Utkarsh will come back. Rajnandini thinks if Juhi is behind this, as nobody else can do this. Aadhya comes and says Dada has come. Satvik, Utkarsh and Jeevika comes home. Narayan comes and hugs Utkarsh, and asks where did you go?

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