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The Episode starts with Shlok smiling thinking about Swara. Satvik teases him and asks if this glow is because of the cream or the girl. Shlok says he was talking about the friend. Jeevika comes there. Shlok sits in the car. Jeevika tells Satvik that Doctor is enquiring about the medicine, which Dada was having, and says she has promised to offer half kilo modak to baba, and says it is less, and I shall offer 1 kg modak. He says you are very cute. Jeevika tells that the room door is open, and tells that she will close it and will come. She thinks everyone must have reached the temple, but we didn’t go out till now. She closes the room door and comes out, senses something and closes the main door, but her saree get stuck in it. She thinks the pallu got stuck in it. she takes it now, and finds the pallu torn, and thinks why I have a feeling that this universe is stopping me to go from here. They come to the temple. Satvik asks Jeevika to walk with him. Jeevika says she is walking with him. Lata and Aadhya tease Satvik. Lata asks about Rajnandini. Narayan says that Rajnandini has to go for the project. Satvik praises Rajnandini. Shlok and Aadhya see Juhi. Shlok asks what is in your mind? Juhi asks Shlok to pray about her marriage. Aadhya says Shlok was right, else you wouldn’t have come alone without Rajnandini. Juhi says she don’t want to waste time with her. Aadhya says I have come here for Jeevika vahini and not you. Juhi gets revengeful on Jeevika.

Satvik tells Shlok about his dream. Shlok asks Satvik not to ignore his gut feeling and go and search Jeevika. Jeevika buys the holy thread. The girl selling it tells that husband and wife shall tie it together. Satvik asks her to tie it tightly. They tie the thread and turns to go, when the thread opens and falls. Satvik asks jeevika to come and goes inside. Jeevika gets a message that she shall come to the mountain to know about Utkarsh and the guilty person is one among the family. Juhi comes there and provokes Jeevika to go there, and says you can’t go with Satvik. Jeevika says I can go without him. Juhi says I will inform him. Jeevika goes there and thinks how did the person know that the person who kept Dada away from his family, is one from his family. She comes to the cliff, when a woman comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Before Jeevika could see her, the woman pushes her with force. Jeevika falls down from the cliff and shouts Satvik. A guy hears her scream. Satvik looks for Jeevika and asks Juhi, but Juhi refuses to know about her. She doesn’t tell him that Jeevika went to the mountain and smiles.

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