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The Episode starts with Satvik shouting asking Jeevika to come. Shlok says Bhabhi will come. Satvik says Jeevika will come, I know and tells that she will not here as she is scared of heights. Shlok says may be she fell down from the mountain. Satvik slaps him and says I have swear to protect her, she must be somewhere else and I will search her. He shouts Jeevika. Lata brings Narayan to the bench and makes him sit. He asks her to calm down. Narayan says we have to search her, and says she is not just bahu, but my daughter. He says we got Utkarsh and now Jeevika is missing. He says what will happen with Satvik, he can’t live without Jeevika, I can’t see my family shattered. Lata says Jeevika must be fine. Juhi looks on.

Satvik calls the Police Inspector and asks if anything is found. Inspector says according to the witness, Jeevika has fallen down in the jungle and there can be dangerous animals there, we can’t go there now in night. Satvik asks him to search her. The Inspector tells that forest dept don’t give permission to go into the dense forest and says sorry to say, and tells that after falling down from such a height, there is no possibility that she is alive. Satvik shouts no. Juhi smiles happily. Narayan asks Satvik to handle himself. Satvik says I am sure that Jeevika is alive, like I am sure that God is there. He says I am sure that I will search her. They come the farmhouse near the temple. Manas comes to Satvik and says Uncle said that you didn’t have anything, and asks him to have something for him atleast. Satvik says I will have food with Jeevika. Manas says Jeevika is not found till now, and Police said that she will never be found. Satvik shouts enough and says you are my friend and shall listen to me. He says Jeevika will return, as we got married recently and twice, and we will stay together for 14 births. He says she will return back to me.

Lata tells Narayan that Aadhya slept just now and was crying, as Jeevika used to take care like her mother. Narayan says don’t know why God is testing her, Satvik says we shall stay here until Jeevika is found, as it is near the temple. Just then Sukanya, Pradeep and Swara come there. Lata asks Narayan if he told them. Narayan says no. Sukanya says last night, she got a bad dream about jeevika, and her call is not connecting so that’s why she came. Juhi is about to tell them, but Narayan looks at her, she stops. Pradeep asks if everything is fine. Lata says yes, and tells that jeevika went to temple. Swara says I will meet Jiju. Lata says he went to office. Swara says I will meet Aadhya. Lata says she is sleeping. Sukanya talks to Lata. Swara tells Pradeep that something is wrong and says she will enquire. Satvik tells Manas that he will not lie to Aai, and will tell her that jeevika will return. He asks Shlok and Manas to cheer their moods, and says she will come. Swara asks what has happened to Aai? She asks Satvik what they were talking about? She asks what happened to Tai, and shouts asking him to say. Juhi smiles happily. Everyone hears her. Juhi says it will be fun now. Swara asks Satvik to say.

Pradeep asks Swara, why is she talking to him like this. Swara says they are lying to us. Sukanya says why will they lie to us. Swara says they are not telling us truth about Tai. She says she heard him saying that he can’t lie to us. Pradeep says just now they said that she went to temple and asks where is Jeevika? Sukanya asks Satvik to say. Juhi says I will tell, and tells them that Juhi is not in this world, she is dead. Everyone is shocked. Sukanya slaps Juhi and asks do you know what you are saying? Juhi pretends to make a sad face. Sukanya asks Satvik to say that it is a lie. Satvik closes his eyes. Swara says yesterday I talked to Tai and we made a shopping plan on weekend. She asks Shlok to say. Shlok says Juhi is saying right, may be Jeevika Bhabhi is not in this world. Swara says I will not forgive you for this bad joke. She says Lata Tai said that she went to temple. Shlok says Bhabhi went to temple yesterday, but didn’t return till now. He tells everything.

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