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The Episode starts with Satvik hugging Jeevika and saying he knows that she will come. Jeevika pushes him and asks who are you? Shlok asks why Bhabhi is not recognizing Bhaiyya. Maayi tells that she had forgotten her memory. She says she has found her injured in the jungle, she saved her life, but couldn’t save her memory. She says Jeevika is not identifying herself too. Aadhya says Vahini will identify me. Shlok asks her to identify them. Lata says it is enough of enquiry, and asks Jeevika to come. Maayi asks Jeevika to go with them and says this is house and family, and you are safe here. Narayan thanks Maayi for saving Jeevika. Maayi says she has brought who belongs to them and asks Satvik to handle her. She goes out and says the fight starts to remove the blind fold and the fight of dharm and adharm. Juhi tells Sundari that her celebration was not done yet, and Jeevika returned. She says Jeevika is a liar and fake. Sundari says you are the same. Juhi says Jeevika must be faking to have memory loss, and says she shall see her with Satvik. She goes. Sundari thinks where Rajnandini trapped me, and says don’t know what she will make me do. Satvik brings the photo frames and album. He shows photo frames to Jeevika. He then tells her about their first proper meeting, and says it was in the temple. He then says sorry and says I didn’t reach there, and we met at your house. He asks do you remember now, where you told me about yourself and I told you about myself. Juhi looks at them from the window.

Satvik reminds Jeevika if she recalls their marriage and says I was surprised seeing you having 35 golgappas. He asks if you remember that we used to cook food together, went to office together, and says our ohu ohu and coughs. Jeevika looks on as if she don’t remember anything. Satvik says our first date, when we negotiated to buy vegetables. He asks if she likes bangles and holds her hand. Jeevika asks what you are doing and says I respect your feelings, but you can’t touch me. Juhi smiles. Jeevika says forgive me, but I don’t remember even myself and I am uncomfortable to see you coming closer. Satvik says you are right, I shall give time to you, I will be outside. He gets sad and goes. Juhi comes there and introduces herself. She says she is Rajnandini’s younger sister, and says we are good friends and you used to share your feelings with me. She says I am sure that you will do this even now, and says I came to ask you about Satvik and you. She lies to her that Satvik and her couldn’t mingle and was husband and wife but was namesake. Jeevika says sorry and says she is having headache hearing everyone, and asks her to leave her alone. Juhi says I am always there for you, afterall friend helps other friend. She goes.

Sukanya, Swara and Pradeep come to Savitri Nivas. Sukanya asks where is Jeevika and asks how is she? Lata says Jeevika is fine. Satvik says she has recovered, but. Pradeep asks Satvik to tell fully. Swara asks where is Tai? Jeevika comes there. Juhi says lets see if she identifies her family or not. Sukanya calls her. Jeevika asks who are you, I don’t know you. They get shocked. Satvik tells them that Jeevika has lost her memory. Sukanya asks Satvik to take care of Jeevika and don’t say her anything and wait for her. She says I know that she can’t forget you, even if she don’t remember everything. Satvik says I love her a lot and I will wait for her till my last breath and will support her.

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