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The Episode starts with Satvik and Jeevika colliding in their room and she falls in his embrace. Satvik says sorry and tells that he has come to take his clothes. He asks her to lock the room from inside, and tells that he will sleep outside. Jeevika thanks him for saving her from falling down. Satvik says I should say sorry to you, for not saving you from falling down the mountain. He goes out. Juhi sees him and says it seems Satvik didn’t sleep, but cried all night for him. Sundari asks why she is happy. Juhi says she has done so much to separate them and tells that it is a good chance to separate them, and before Jeevika remembers Satvik, she will fill hatred in her heart for Satvik, by telling her the bitter truth of her life.

Jeevika comes to Juhi’s room. Juhi lies that she has forgotten that they used to spend so much time together and used to talk also. She says I have called you, as you asked me to buy some dresses for you. She gives the dresses and says I used to cry seeing them, when you was not here. She gives her more dresses and says it is your choice. Jeevika finds divorce papers in between the dresses. Juhi smiles and asks if you read it. Jeevika asks if I shall not read it. Juhi says Satvik and you are already separated and divorced. Jeevika looks confused.

Shlok brings Utkarsh to the study, and asks Satvik to be with Bhabhi. Satvik says she doesn’t want me to be with her. Shlok says this seems not to be office files. Satvik says it is files related to Dada and says I am trying to find out who has done this with him. Shlok asks if our business rival had done this. Satvik says who will do this, Dada has not done anything wrong with anyone. Shlok says it is not just money. Satvik says the reason for the hatred is something else. Utkarsh hears and gets uncomfortable. Juhi says you have taken the decision wisely and says until when your arguments and fights would last. She says both families will not tell you, and says God might not have made you both for each other. She says you both don’t used to love each other, but actually hate each other. Jeevika says why nobody told me this. Juhi says nobody wants you to separate from Satvik, even if you die in this compromised marriage. Jeevika goes from there. Sundari comes to Juhi and says this trick might backfired on you. Juhi says it will backfire on Jeevika.

Satvik comes to Jeevika and says he has made special tea for her with his hands, and he has mixed his love in the tea, of her husband. Jeevika takes the tea cup and throws tea on the floor. She says how much you will lie, and how much you will make fun of my memory loss. She says I came to know about our relation truth? She says truth is that we are not husband and wife and we are divorced with our wish, with my wish. Sundari collides with Sukanya and asks who is she to go like unstoppable train. Sukanya says she is Jeevi’s mother. She comes to Satvik’s room and asks what you want to get by lying to me, and says I came to know that I used to hate you before this accident, and even now I hate you and will hate you always. Sukanya hears her and shouts Jeevi. Satvik stands shocked and sad. Sukanya takes Jeevika from there. Satvik says why you are doing this with me.

Sukanya says how dare you to talk to your husband like this? Jeevika says he is not my husband and tells that we are divorced now. Sukanya says I don’t know who said this to you, and tells that everyone doesn’t get husband like Satvik. She says when you was not returning, Satvik used to believe and trusted on his love and God, that you will return. She asks her to ask her heart, what is between Satvik and her, and says if you don’t get love for your question, then I will separate you from him.

She says you both got divorced, just because you used to love each other and your love got the bad sight. Jeevika says why did we take divorce then? Sukanya says you was stubborn to get divorce because….and asks her to ask her heart, what is there in her heart for him.

Satvik combs Utkarsh’s hair and says my Dada is tip top. He says Dada, I want to share something with you, and says the more I am trying to get closer to Jeevika, she is going far from me. He says when I needed her, she was with me always, and when she needs me, she is going far from me. He says I feel that I am wrong, as I couldn’t make her recollect our love, and says how to make her understand that we have spent many moments together. He then asks Utkarsh to have medicine and rest and says he will come to him after sometime. Jeevika hears him. Satvik goes.

Precap: Jeevika tells Satvik that she wants to begin her new life with his hands and gives her mangalsutra. Satvik makes her wear it infront of God.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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