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Scene 1
Ravindra is locked in the cell and says what does he want? He knocks on the door and tries to break it but can’t. The smoke starts filling the room and Ravindra coughs. He faints.

Giyaneshwar is in his room and says this is situation is making me crazy. Harman comes from behind and hides behind the curtain. He asks her to come out. Harman comes out waring a shirt and jeans. He is shocked and tries to run but Harman says you said you liked this. She tries to hug him and says I am your wife. Bebe comes there and shouts at Harman, she says what are you doing? Harman says Ravindra asked me to wear it. Bebe asks Harman to go and change clothes. She goes to change. Giyaneshwar is scared.

In the morning, Bebe calls the family and tells them that Harman was wearing jeans. Harman says I am sorry. Bebe asks what’s her plan? you cut your hair and now you are wearing jeans? what will Dolly learn from you? She should be punished. Rajveer says its okay, she was wearing jeans in her room. Ajooni says people are changing. Bebe says our tradition won’t change, she asks Ravindra to punish her. Ravindra says she didn’t do any mistake, she did what her husband asked, I mean I asked her. People are changing and we have to change with the world. Bebe says who filled your mind with filth? Giyaneshwar says I read it in a book. Rajveer says since when did you start reading? Giyaneshwar says reading is good for people. Education is essential for everyone, he talks in english and says I am thinking to open a school for our family. We will all be students there. Rajveer tries to leave but Ravindra stops him and says I am opening the school and our teacher will be Ajooni. All are stunned. Dolly says what’s going on? Giyaneshwar says this is final and my decision is final. Harvindar is angry.

Ravindra wakes up in the cell and the video call starts again. Jagraj says your body must be hurting, this smoke is coming from your factory only. He ends the call.

Harvindar comes to his room and says this guy is a fool.

Giyaneshwar makes everyone sit in the house and asks Ajooni to start teaching. Bebe says now we need her teachings? Giyaneshwar says she is educated so respect her. Rajveer says you should call Harvindar too. He says leave him. Ajooni says I have never taught anyone. He asks what’s your favorite subject? she says maths. He says you can start from tables. Ajooni starts teaching the family and they all participate. Rajveer just smiles at her. Bebe says I can’t understand what she is teaching. Giyaneshwar says its her method but I have another way to learn tables. He asks them to jump while learning the tables. He gets a call and is shocked.

PRECAP – Giyaneshwar shouts at Harvindar that you are shameless and a drunk, I won’t spare you today, I will punish you.

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