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Scene 1
Harvindar slaps Giyaneshwar and says you threw me out of the house, you have started so much drama, stop this nonsense and start focusing on work, I need that throne and if you don’t get it for me then I won’t spare your Cheeko. Giyaneshwar glares at him. Harvindar says I will make you hear her cry in pain and you won’t be able to do anything. Giyaneshwar begs him to not hurt his Cheeko. Harvindar says then focus on your work otherwise don’t expect any leniency from me. Don’t you dare mess with me, I am Harvindar Singh Bagga, he leaves with Shikha. Giyaneshwar is scared and says I got slapped for the first time in life, I can’t even leave this as my Cheeko will be in danger, these people are animals. He says I have to be strong and I have to get Harvindar get caught.

Shikha tells Harvindar that we have to get the property in our name. Go and keep an eye on that Giyaneshwar.

Harvindar comes home and calls all the family members. He tells Bebe that he has no honor, I let Rajveer get the throne but I was happy handling the factory work but Rajveer keeps an eye on me and rechecks all the balances. He doesn’t trust me. Rajveer says Ravindra asked me to keep a check on him. Giyaneshwar comes there and says yes, I asked him. Harvindar says so you don’t trust me? ask him to not interfere in my matter. Giyaneshwar slaps him hard and he is shocked. He says you think I am going to trust a characterless and a drunk like you? I won’t spare you today, you will remember my punishment. He asks Dolly to hit him with a hunter. Dolly starts hitting him and he apologizes to Giyaneshwar. He tells him to never raise your voice in front of me, he leaves from there. Harvindar angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Ravindra is locked in the cell and says I have to go out of here but if I do anything then they throw poisonous smoke inside. He breaks the water pot and looks around.

Harvindar calls Shikha and says I won’t spare him for slapping me, I won’t spare you and him once I get the throne. She ends the call and Shikha says I need to get the property papers first.

Shikha meets with Giyaneshwar and says what are you doing? why did you slap him? He says I had to act like Ravindra otherside they would have doubted me. Shikha asks him to go and get the safe keys from Ajooni then bring the property papers to me. He says I can’t steal. Shikha says then I can’t save Cheeko from Harvindar. He says don’t do anything to her, I will go and get the papers.

Giyaneshwar comes to Rajveer and Ajooni. He asks for the safe keys from her, she asks if he needed anything? Rajveer says don’t ask him. Ajooni says he told me to not give the keys to anyone. Rajveer gives the keys to him and he leaves.

Giyaneshwar comes to his room and tries to open the safe but Ajooni comes there and asks if he doesn’t recognize the keys? He says I will open it, she nods and leaves from there. Giyaneshwar opens the safe and finds the property papers.

Rajveer calls Ajooni, she says I feel papa is acting weirdly. Rajveer says I feel it too but don’t worry too much. He says you have no time for me these days. Ajooni laughs.

Giyaneshwar comes to meet with Harvindar and says I brought the property papers. Harvindar tries to take it but he asks him to show Cheeko. Harvindar shows him the video of Cheeko tied to a chair and she cries for him. He says please don’t do this. Harvindar says don’t mess with me, he takes the property papers and says its time to throw Rajveer from the thronw. Tomorrow there will be a storm.

PRECAP – Dolly brings the safe keys and says I found the keys under Ajooni’s bed, she hid them there. All are shocked.

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