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Scene 1
Giyaneshwar comes back home and tells the family that he forgot the safe keys somewhere. Dolly says it must be with Ajooni. Rajveer says Ravindra took it, Ravindra says I left them under my bed but I can’t find it this morning. Rajveer says lets search the rooms and find out. They all go to check. Harvindar comes to his room and says Rajveer-Ajooni will be trapped today.

All family members are searching the rooms, Dolly says I am sure Ajooni hid them. She finds them in her room. All family members come back and they couldn’t find the keys. Dolly comes there and says I found the keys in Ajooni’s room, she had hid them under her bed. All are shocked. Ajooni says what? I didn’t hide them. Giyaneshwar recalls how he had hid them in Ajooni’s room, he didn’t want to frame her but he had to. Rajveer says I am sure Dolly must have planted them there, I am sure Ajooni would never hide them. Ajooni says I promise on Rajveer that I didn’t hide the keys. Harvindar says lets check the safe and see if anything was stolen. Rajveer shouts I am sure that Ajooni didn’t do anything wrong. Giyaneshwar asks them to stop fighting, he asks Rajveer to go and check the safe. He nods and leaves.

Rajveer checks the safe and finds property papers gone from there.

Shikha gives the property papers to Jagraj and asks him to get his sign on the papers somehow. He says what about my shere? she says we will divide this property among us. He says what about Harvindar? Shikha says he is just a pawn in our game, I will throw him out of our plan when I am able to destroy Bagga family, I lost my baby because of them so I am not going to spare that family.

Ravindra asks Rajveer where did the property papers go? he says I don’t know. Harvindar says I am sure Ajooni hid them. Ajooni says what will I do with them? Dolly says this property is expensive. Bebe says she must be greedy. Harman says Rajveer can’t take her side. Harvindar says he is blinded by her. Ravindra asks them to stop fighting. He tells Rajveer that I gave you responsibility to do justice always but you always take Ajooni’s side, you have to be punished and your punishment is to leave the throne and Ajooni won’t handle the house. He takes the house keys from her and gives them to Aman. Rajveer and Ajooni are hurt. Harvindar says I think I should handle the throne now. Giyaneshwar says yes you can take it. Harvindar sits on the throne and smirks. He says my first decision will be against my brother. Rajveer was biased so his punishment is to slap his wife in front of everyone. All are shocked. Rajveer says I won’t do that. Harvindar says you are going against the king? get lost. Rajveer says I rather leave the house than slap my wife. Ajooni says no.. slap me. He says are you crazy? Ajooni says this family and house is everything to us and you have to listen to its owner so slap me. He says now. She takes his hands and slaps herself. Rajveer hugs her and glares at Harvindar. He takes her from there. All leave.

Rajveer shouts at Ajooni how dare you try to hit yourself? Ajooni says I didn’t want to leave the house because I have a doubt.. I feel like papa is acting weirdly. When I went to his room, he got scared while opening the safe and today also he didn’t listen to us. He was not happy seeing Harvindar on the throne. Rajveer says we have to find out why he is doing all this. Ajooni says we won’t leave the house till we find the truth.

PRECAP – Rajveer is in the godown with Giyaneshwar and says you can’t be my father, he shoots near him and Giyaneshwar gets scared. Rajveer says start talking. Giyaneshwar says I am not Ravindra, I am a professor and was brought to the house by Harvindar and Shikha. Rajveer and Ajooni are shocked.

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