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Scene 1
Ravindra is locked in the cell. Jagraj connects on the video call and says I have come to bring you out of trouble, he asks him to sign the property papers and get out. Ravindra says if you have guts then come in. Jagraj pushes gas in the room and Ravindra tries not to faint.

Rajveer comes to Giyaneshwar and says I need to talk to you. Giyaneshwar says I had to take decision against you. Rajveer says what’s wrong with you? you have been behaving weirdly. Are you worried about that phone call? Giyaneshwar asks what call? He says the one who was threatening you. Giyaneshwar says I am not scared of anyone. Rajveer says that man wanted to make a property deal with you, what do you think? Giyaneshwar says we will sell it to him, its a good offer. I need to sleep. Rajveer says okay, he is confused and leaves from there. Giyaneshwar sighs in relief.

Jagraj comes to Ravindra’s cell thinking he is unconscious but Ravindra attacks him. Some goons come there and try to stop him. Jagraj points a gun at him and asks him to stop. The goon attacks him and he faints. Jagraj takes his thumb prints on the property papers and laughs evilly.

Rajveer comes to Ajooni and says there is something wrong with Ravindra, he was too calm and didn’t even talk about that person who was threatening him. He is ready to sell the property that’s very important to him. I think something is wrong or this man is not our papa. Ajooni says what are you saying? He says there is only one way to find out.

Scene 2
Ravindra wakes up in his cell and finds ink on his thumb. He sees the video of Cheeko playing on the TV. He is confused to see the little girl crying for her papa.

Rajveer comes to Giyaneshwar and says that man is calling us, we can’t let him threaten us. He takes him from there, Ajooni goes behind them.

Jagraj calls Ravindra, he says you are shameless to kidnap a small girl. Jagraj says if you don’t cooperate then this little girl will die. He ends the call.

Rajveer brings Giyaneshwar to a godown and he is scared. Some goons arrive there and start beating Rajveer but Giyaneshwar is scared. Rajveer says nothing will happen. The goon points a gun at Giyaneshwar and he pleads with them to not do anything. Rajveer beats them and asks him to pick a gun. Giyaneshwar takes the gun but can’t shoot at the goons, he says I can’t do this. The goon points the gun at Rajveer, Giyaneshwar pleads with them to not hurt him. Rajveer takes the gun from the goon and tells Giyaneshwar that you were never scared of the gun before. Ajooni comes there. Giyaneshwar says what’s happening? Rajveer says you can’t be my father, my father would burn the whole city for his son but you couldn’t even hold the gun.. start speaking the truth. Giyaneshwar is scared and says I am not your father, I am Giyaneshwar and was brought to your house by Harvindar and Shikha. He tells them everything. Rajveer and Ajooni are shocked. Giyaneshwar tells them about his daughter being hostage by Harvindar.

Harvindar sits on the throne and says I did so much to get this throne, its mine now. He gets a call from Shikha, he says I got the throne. She says don’t be happy as Rajveer can snatch the throne from you once that Giyaneshwar leaves. You have to finish your enemies. Harvindar says he is my brother. Shikha says that’s why you have to finish him if you want to keep this throne to yourself. She ends the call and smirks.

PRECAP – Harvindar brings a lawyer home and tells the family that Rajveer and Ajooni stole the property papers and asked the lawyer to make new property papers. The lawyer says yes, Rajveer came to my office with the old property papers and asked me to make new property papers in which he will be the owner of all properties. All are shocked hearing that.

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