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Scene 1
Giyaneshwar tells Ajooni that Shikha was the mastermind behind all this. Rajveer’s friends tell him to shoot him. Giyaneshwar cries and says I was told lies about your family that you all are cruel but when I entered the house, I saw you people are nice and help others. I tried to run but Harvindar and Shikha kidnapped my daughter and threatened to kill her. Rajveer says I wouldn’t spare them. Ajooni stops him and says we can’t do anything in hurry as Cheeko and Ravindra might be kidnapped by them. Giyaneshwar pleads with him to save his Cheeko. He promises to save her but he has to act like Ravindra and do as he says, he says I will end this game.

Harvindar says I can’t let Rajveer take this throne back, I can’t kill Rajveer as he is my brother but I have to do something to make Rajveer and Ajooni stoop low in the family’s eyes. Aman comes there and says I am sure Rajveer and Ajooni didn’t steal the property papers, they have never done anything wrong. Harvindar tells her to stop giving him lecture and leave, she goes from there. Harvindar gets an idea and says its time to throw Rajveer and Ajooni out of the house. He calls his lawyer.

In the morning, Harvindar comes home with the lawyer and tells the family that Rajveer and Ajooni stole the property papers and asked the lawyer to make new papers. The lawyer says yes, Rajveer came to my office and asked me to change the property papers and make him the sole owner of the property. Rajveer shouts that he is lying, he tells Harvindar that you are useless and think all are greedy like you. Harvindar says you don’t get to say anything as you tried to steal the property. Bebe asks Rajveer what is going on? Rajveer says I didn’t steal any papers. Harvindar says its proven that you stole the papers and I am ordering to throw you both out of the house. Rajveer says this is all a lie, you could kill me for another woman so I can’t trust you. Harvindar says you fooled us all to take the property. Rajveer grabs him and says I will kill you if you put fake allegations on me. Giyaneshwar comes there and asks what’s going on? Harvindar says the lawyer is a witness that Rajveer tried to steal the papers. Ravindra asks the lawyer to leave and slaps Harvindar. He says those papers were fake and I found the real papers in your room. Bebe tells Harvindar that your greed has no boundary. Giyaneshwar says I did a mistake by giving the throne to Harvindar. I am not giving the throne to anyone else, I am going to sit on it. Rajveer says I had no greed of the throne so you can take it.

Ravindra is locked in the cell and Cheeko’s video call plays. She says papa please save me, an uncle and aunty kidnapped me and locked me here. The video call ends before Ravindra can ask their names.

Harvindar comes to Giyaneshwar’s room and strangles him, he says how dare you slap me and go against me? Giyaneshwar stops him and says I did all this on Shikha’s orders, I think she is plotting against you and wanted to get the property on her name. He asks if he knows where his father is locked up? he says no. Giyaneshwar says it means she doesn’t trust you. Harvindar says I won’t spare her, he leaves. Rajveer and Ajooni come there. Giyaneshwar says I did as you said, I am happy to be on the right side, I bless you both. Ajooni says don’t worry, we will find your Cheeko. Rajveer says once I find Ravindra then I won’t spare them.

Harvindar comes to Shikha’s house and tells her that you tried to overplay me? you told that Giyaneshwar to take the thronw from me? Shikha says I didn’t do that. Harvindar says you didn’t tell me where Ravindra is locked up. Shikha says why should I tell you? He grabs her and says I won’t spare you if you don’t tell me. Shikha tells him about the warehouse where Ravindra is locked. Rajveer and Ajooni had planted a mic in Harvindar’s pocket and hear all that. Rajveer calls Giyaneshwar and says we found the address where they have kept Ravindra and I am sure Cheeko is there. Just keep pretending to be Ravindra till then, he drives away. Shikha’s father hides and hears all that. He says it means Giyaneshwar is working for Rajveer.

PRECAP – Shikha tells Harvindar what if reach Ravindra before Rajveer and Ajooni. If you save him then you will become his hero and we will tell him that Rajveer and Ajooni kidnapped him.

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