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Scene 1
Shikha’s father comes to her and says he saw Rajveer and Ajooni outside the house. I heard him talking to Giyaneshwar. Shikha says it means their plan is to make Harvindar against me. I gave him the address for Ravindra but it was a wrong one.

Ravindra is locked in the cell and Cheeko’s video call comes again. He asks who is her papa? she says you are my papa, we should pray to Lord as you always say. He asks what does her father do? She says you are a professor. He asks his name but Jagraj ends the call. He tells Ravindra to sign the property papers otherwise he will kill Cheeko. He puts a knife on Cheeko.

Harvindar arrives at the address and goes inside to look for Ravindra but the guard says no one is here. Rajveer and Ajooni arrive there behind him, they hide as he looks around for Ravindra. Harvindar says I am sure Shikha lied to me, I won’t spare her. He goes from there. Rajveer asks the guard where is Ravindra? He says no one lives here. Ajooni says where is Ravindra then?

Ravindra tells Jagraj to come and he will sign the papers. He sends the property papers and Ravindra signs them angrily.

Shikha calls Harvindar and says I didn’t give you the right address as Rajveer had hid a mic in your suit. He finds it and throws it away. She asks him to come and they will plan next steps.

Scene 2
Rajveer and Ajooni come to Giyaneshwar. Ajooni says we couldn’t find Ravindra and Cheeko there. Rajveer says their game hasn’t finished so they won’t hurt Ravindra or Cheeko. I have a plan. He tells them.

Harvindar comes to Shikha and says I won’t spare that Giyaneshwar. Shikha asks him to calm down and says there is a person who can bring us out of this. Its Ravindra.. what if we save Ravindra and became his heroes? then we will tell him that Rajveer and Ajooni did all that with him. Harvindar says I like that plan.

Ravindra tells Jagraj to leave that little girl alone. Jagraj says you think your son is going to come and save you but he doesn’t even know you are missing as someone has replaced you. He plays the clip of Giyaneshwar acting Ravindra in the house with the family. He is shocked and says he is same as me.. he must be that little girl’s father. Jagraj says you are right and your family doesn’t need you anymore.

Shikha tells her father that I sent Harvindar back home. Rajveer fills their house with smoke. Shikha and her father run from there while Ajooni enters the house. Shikha comes out and sees workers filling her house with smoke. Rajveer hides behind them. Ajooni is looking around Shikha’s house and finds her phone. Shikha is fighting with the workers to leave her house but they say we are just killing the virus. Ajooni runs from there so Rajveer leaves with his men.

Ravindra says there is a copy living in my house as me but no one didn’t doubt at all? I think someone from the family is behind all this.

Rajveer is trying to unlock Shikha’s phone but the phone rings. Ajooni takes it and its Jagraj, he says we scared Ravindra and he isn’t going to leave from here. Ajooni asks where is he? Jagraj says your voice is weird.

PRECAP – Ajooni finds Ravindra in his cell, Rajveer comes there and tells him that this was all planned by Shikha and Harvindar. Ravindra is shocked hearing that.

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