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Scene 1
Ajooni talks with Jagraj on the call as Shikha. She asks where are they keeping Ravindra? He tells her the address, she ends the call and tells Rajveer. Giyaneshwar goes with them.

Harvindar comes to Shikha and asks where is her phone? why wasn’t she picking up? Shikha says I can’t find it anywhere. She ginds Jagraj’s number and gives it to Harvindaar. He calls him.

Rajveer, Ajooni and Giyaneshwar arrive at Jagraj’s den. Rajveer starts beating his goons and points a gun at him. Ajooni and Giyaneshwar run to look for Ravindra and Cheeko. Giyaneshwar finds Cheeko locked in a cell. otherside Ajooni finds Ravindra in another cell. He is surprised. Ajooni says Rajveer is here. Shikha keeps calling Jagraj but he is not picking up. He picks up the call and Rajveer has him on the gunpoint. He tells Shikha that everything is okay, he ends the call. Rajveer beats him up. Ravindra comes there and hugs him. He says I knew you would come to save me but what about that duplicate of mine? Giyaneshwar comes there with Cheeko. Ravindra is shocked seeing him. Giyaneshwar introduces him. Ravindra says I won’t spare you for fooling my family. Rajveer says its not his fault.. he was blackmailed as his daughter Cheeko was kidnapped. You know who plotted all this? It was Shikha and Harvindar was part of the plan. Ajooni tells him everything.

Scene 2
Shikha turns off her phone and tells Harvindar that no one can find out about Ravindra’s location. Harvindar asks if she took Ravindra’s sign on the property paper? she says yes and he leaves. Shikha smirks.

Rajveer tells Ravindra that Shikha plotted all this against us, I won’t spare her. Ravindra says they took my sign on the property papers so we have to be careful till we get those papers back. Ajooni says I have an idea.. what if Ravindra acts like Giyaneshwar and take the papers from Harvindar? Giyaneshwar says its a good idea.. I can take care of Jagraj till then. Rajveer says you can’t.. Giyaneshwar says don’t underestimate me.. I have gained confidence after acting like Ravindra. He mimics him and Ravindra laughs. Giyaneshwar thanks Rajveer and Ajooni. They all leave.

Harvindar comes to Ravindra’s room and sees him sleeping. He says how dare you go against me? Ravindra wakes up and slaps him.. he acts like Giyaneshwar and says sorry.. my hand has a mind of its own at night. Harvindar grabs him and says are you on Rajveer’s side? Giyaneshwar says Rajveer started doubting me so I just went ahead with him, you told me that Ravindra trusts Rajveer a lot so I acted the same so Rajveer wouldn’t doubt me. Harvindar says you didn’t tell anything to Rajveer and Ajooni? Giyaneshwar says not at all, I am scared to go against you. Rajveer and Ajooni hide and see all that. Harvindar tells Giyaneshwar to stay in his limits otherwise he knows that Cheeko is under his control. Giyaneshwar says I would never dare to go agaisnt you.. he acts like Ravindra and hits him. He says sorry, I can’t stop myself from acting. Harvindar angrily leaves. Rajveer and Ajooni come there.. they praise his acting. Ravindra says once I find the property papers then I won’t spare him.

Jagraj wakes up and is locked in the same cell. Giyaneshwar and Cheeko connect through video call. Giyaneshwar says you will pay for what you did. He asks him to recite math tables but he can’t. Giyaneshwar asks him to become a hen. Jagraj does it and apologizes.

PRECAP – Shikha comes home with the lawyer. The lawyer says I have Ravindra’s will. He starts reading it and it says that Ravindra is giving his house, his business and all wealth to Shikha. All are shocked to hear that. Ravindra is there too.

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