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Scene 1
The lawyer comes to Ravindra’s house and says you called me to make your new will, I have got it ready. Bebe asks Ravindra why is he changing his will? Ravindra says I just want to be fair. He asks Harvindar to come and talk to him. Harvindar goes with him and Ravindra acts like Giyaneshwar. He says what is this will now? harvindar says I don’t know when Ravindra did that. Giyaneshwar says we should just follow what Ravindra wrote in the will for now. Harvindar says yes as otherwise the family will doubt us. He leaves. Ravindra goes to the lawyer and signs the will. The lawyer says your signature is not matching but its okay, he leaves from there. Rajveer and Ajooni smirk.

Harvindar calls Shikha and says Ravindra had already created his will and Giyaneshwar had to sign it today.. if the court finds out that its fake signature then we will be caught. Shikha says we can change the will.. just meet the lawyer and change the will. Harvindar says good idea and leaves. Rajveer hears all that and says I knew he would do this.

Harvindar calls Shikha and says he got the work done, we changed the will. Shikha says we just have to wait for the property to be transferred to our name now. Harvindar says I will take over the throne and you will be the house queen now. He ends the call. Shikha says he doesn’t know that I am going to throw him out of that house soon.

Rajveer comes to Ravindra and Ajooni with the property papers. Ajooni checks it and says the property is in Shikha’s name only and Harvindar has nothing. Ravindra says she is so clever, call the lawyer and Shikha tomorrow. Harvindar needs to open his eyes.

Scene 2
In the morning, Ajooni brings Shikha home. Bebe asks why is she here? Ravindra says I called her here, I have some work. The lawyer comes there and says I got the will registered. Ravindra says its going to be my final will, he asks him to read it. The lawyer reads that Ravindra has made this will and the whole property, business and wealth will be given to Shikha. All are shocked. The lawyer says only Shikha will own everything from now on. Harvindar says I don’t accept this. The lawyer says you can’t do anything. Shikha points a gun at Harvindar and says I waited so much to get this.. I was jailed and lost my baby because of you people. I won’t spare you. Harvindar says I did a mistake by trusting you, I swapped my father because of you and brought this imposter here. Harman says what? Shikha says he is right, this is not Ravindra but an imposter Giyaneshwar. Rajveer snatches the gun from Shikha. Harvindar says I will teach her a lesson now. Ravindra slaps him hard and says this is your father Ravindra. He glares at Shikha and says you must be shocked? Ajooni says if you can swap Ravindra with Giyaneshwar then can’t we do that in reverse? Shikha says what about Giyaneshwar? Giyaneshwar comes there with Cheeko, all are shocked to see him. Rajveer tells the family that Shikha and Harvindar plotted to get all the wealth using Giyaneshwar. Giyaneshwar says they kidnapped my Cheeko so I had to become an imposter. Ravindra says Harvindar got me kidnapped, I am ashamed to call him a son. Bebe says he should be punished for life. Ravindra says I am just going to hand him to the police now. The inspector arrives there and Ravindra asks him to arrest them. The arrest Shikha and takes her from there. Ravindra tells Giyaneshwar that he will be punished for being part of the plan.. your punishment is that I am going to pay for Cheeko’s education. Giyaneshwar is surprised and thanks him. He says you are a good man. He says I will be ready to take your troubles on anytime you want. He leaves.


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