Aleya Ghosh’s moon ride on a Scooter from ‘Ishq Ki Dastaan-Naagmani’ goes viral

In an amusing twist, a video featuring Aleya Ghosh of “Ishq Ki Dastaan-Naagmani” fame taking a whimsical journey to the moon on a scooter is causing waves of laughter online. The video, which has garnered widespread attention, depicts Aleya’s character from the show embarking on an unconventional lunar expedition via her trusty scooter, with her on-screen family already stationed on the moon’s surface.

As Chandrayaan 3 successfully achieves its lunar touchdown, this light-hearted video has caught the attention of social media users for its comical charm. Delighting viewers across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the clip’s playful depiction of moon travel has sparked a plethora of reactions from netizens.

One social media user humorously suggested, “Chandrayaan 3 should have opted for this scooter as well, guaranteeing a smooth landing.” While the video drew laughter, it also garnered comments about the laws of physics and the entertainment industry, with some jesting that gravity might be feeling left out.

Aleya Ghosh, recognized for her roles in TV shows like “Mann Sundar,” “Sindoor Ki Kimat,” and “Karn Sangini,” continues to shine on the professional front. Presently gracing screens in “Ishq Ki Dastaan-Naagmani,” her portrayal is resonating well with fans and viewers.

Amid the pride and joy associated with Chandrayaan 3’s achievement, this video adds a lighthearted touch, reminding us of the charm that entertainment can bring even in the realm of space travel.

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