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Anuj comforts upset Anupama and says Pakhi is sensible now and if there was a problem, she would have informed her for sure. Anupama says we women hide the most important issue with everyone; however modern a woman is, she will give 100s of chances to her relationship and hopes things get well between her and her husband; woman tolerates injustice and doesn’t speak about it; hopes Sweety doesn’t do that. Anuj says they shouldn’t let that happen. He says he will inform his friend that he can’t attend the party. Anupama insists him to give time to even friends and agrees to accompany him. Anuj feels happy. Anupama prays god to protect her children from all the problems.

Dimpy unpacks her utensils in kitchen loudly, thinks she shouldn’t lose her control over Samar. She rudely asks Kinjal to move her gas stove to keep her induction stove. Kinjal says she can say that politely. Dimpy shouts her politeness died when the great Anupama slapped her. Kinjal says as if she was polite before that and warns her to lower the voice as Pari and grandparents are sleeping or else she will give her 2 tight slaps.

While returning home from the party, Anuj lets Anupama drive and stares at her. Anupama asks why did he ask her to drive. He says he wants to stare her beautiful wife. Anupama says even she wants to look at her handsome husband. Anuj says Mr Talwar was impressed with them and hopes Anupama rejoins his business. He notices Anupama tensed and asks reason. Anupama says she is worried about Samar and Dimpy and hopes the reconcile with the family. Dimpy continues to misbehave with Kinjal and spills venom against Shahs. Kinjal warns her to behave with the dear ones and says if family thinks their son belongs to them, even DILs think their husband belongs to only them when he is someone’s son, brother, grandson etc. Dimpy continues yelling. Kinjal gives up and walks away warning her to mend her ways before it’s too late.

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