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Anuj and Anupama return home and are shocked to see Romil’s rave alcohol party with his friends. Anuj stops music. Romil arrogantly asks who stopped it. Anuj says he did. Romil pushes him calling him a moron. Everyone are shocked seeing that. Anupama asks what kind of behavior is this. Romil used a vulgar word for her. Anuj gives him a tight slap and he falls down on a table. Ankush lifts Romil and gets angry on Anuj. Anuj says if Romil had completed his vulgar word for Anu, he would have broken Romil’s face. Toshu brings Samar to Vanraj. Samar asks him to sit as he wants to talk. Samar asks if he wants to talk or give an earful. Vanraj asks what will happen even if father gives an earful, by the way he called him to ask something. He holds Samar’s hand and asks if he is fine. Samar nods yes.

Hasmukh says however father and son fight or argue, their talks won’t end; when the child grows up, they become 2 corners of a river and mother a bridge between them; he used to hug and pamper Dolly and hugged Vanraj only in his childhood; a father should pamper even his son and ask what he is going through; a son should hug his father and express his feelings when he is alive or else they will repent later. Toshu goes to bring coffee for them. Vanraj says he didn’t want to hurt him and apologizes if Dimple felt bad. Toshu brings coffee and they all 4 enjoy it. Dimpy watches them hiding and thinks Vanraj is trying to manipulate Samar against her.

Anuj tongue lashes elders for silently watching a child’s misbehavior and allowing him to throw rave alcohol part. He warns Romil’s friends for file a complaint against them for procuring alcohol illegally and asks them to go home in cab or a walk but not drive their cars home. Friends walk away. Romil shouts who is he to send his friends away, call them back. Anuj says he wouldn’t have questioned this if he was in his senses and splashes water on his face. He says Romil is underage and is prohibited to have alcohol, their state is a dry state and selling alcohol is illegal here. Anupama says it’s good that Pakhi called her and informed about the party, they came and stopped it or else police stops such kind of parties. Romil shouts at Pakhi that he hid her secret, but she provoked her mummy against him. Anuj warns him to behave with Pakhi or else he will kick him out of the house.

Vanraj tells Samar how a man shall maintain balance between family and his wife. Hasmukh says he tolerates Leela’s nonsense and even criticizes her when she is wrong. Vanraj says a man maintains silence to maintain peace at home, but sometimes being too silent spoils peace at home. Toshu says they all love and care for him. Samar says its good that they are talking to him even after so much happened. Vanraj says he is his baby and why wouldn’t he care for him. Toshu says they shall have such talks at least once in a month. Hasmukh say they shall have coffee pe charcha. Vanraj says he stayed in his parent’s hosue for their love and care and wants his children to carry his lineage. They all hug each other and smile. Vanraj says keeping the relationships alive is important. Dimpy stands anxious. Kavya passes by. Vanraj thinks he needs to sort out this relationship.

Anuj continues to tongue lash Ankush for allowing his son to spoil in front of him and says Romil is ruining his future and would end up nowhere. Romil asks Ankush if he brought him here to get insulted by everyone, his mother ran away with her boyfriend abandoning him, even his father should abandon him, etc…

{Precap: Adhik slaps Pakhi and warns her to be in her limits. Anu learns about it. Pakhi says its common between husband and wife. Anu says nobody has a right to raise hand on anyone. Pakhi says when she does mistakes, Adhik handles her and when he is doing mistakes, she will handle him. Anupama says Pakhi was being rude and Adhik is acting criminal, which ruins marriages. Pakhi says she shouldn’t lecture on handling relationships as she is still trying even now, she will not leave Adhik and it’s her final decision.

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