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Anupama thinks everything is wiped on the receipt and not understandable. She thinks 25000 receipt is for what? She finds Ashram written and thinks orphanage. She thinks if Gurumaa gave her son in orphanage and thinks how can I think like this, and says Gurumaa or any mother will not give her child in orphanage. She thinks if she had given him in the orphanage then he will be more than 40 and thinks he might not be in the orphanage anymore, and thinks to search her son first. Kavya is happy that Baa thanked her and tells her baby if he/she heard. Kinjal is making Baa eat soup. Baa asks Kinjal to give her poison instead. Vanraj says whatever you eat oily stuff, pakoda, dhokla, Papdi are all poison for you. He asks her to eat healthy. Kinjal says you have to take BP medicine on time. Baa says I will take it. Babu ji says you said that you will take care of yourself. Baa says that’s why I am going to hospital. Toshu says if you don’t want to have it then I will complain to Mummy. Baa says I am not scared of her. Vanraj asks if you are ready for 5 pages lecture. Baa says no, soup is better. Vanraj says I didn’t tell Anupama about you, as she is already stressed due to Malti Devi. Kinjal says we have to tell Mummy, else she will get angry.

Anupama comes home. She comes inside the bedroom and takes file from Anuj’s hands. Anuj wakes up and says he had slept. He asks where did you go? Anupama says I had gone to Gurukul. Anuj says just because I told. He says you care for me so much. Anupama says I have found a file and that….Anuj coughs. Anupama gives him water, and asks if they had icecream. Anuj says if we will not do mischief in this age, and says he will bring it for her next time. Anupama then tells him that Kinjal called and said that Baa had fainted. Anuj says I was not told. Anupama says just now they told. Anuj says if she has to be taken to a good doctor then we will take her. Anupama says you are best husband and tells that Baa’s son will take her. She tells that Baa used to accept her mistake when the matter is about Vanraj and says Maa is such.

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