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Anuj tells Pakhi that he has heard everything whatever she said, now she shall listen to him. He says she will not decide who will work in the project of his company and who will not work, and asks her to move and says he is getting late. Pakhi asks why you are making my husband as your enemy. Romil says your husband is bad, fraud, evil and wife beater. Pakhi asks Anuj, what my husband has done? Anuj says I am sorry to say this, and says a person can’t be modern with modern clothes and education, and tells that the person shall be modern from mind. He says your mother is more modern than you, though she wears handloom saree, couldn’t speak English well. And you being today’s girl, is more backward and says after getting slapped from your husband, don’t act as an vulnerable woman. He says you are embarrassing whole generation. Pakhi says my husband will go to office. Anuj says if I wanted then he will go to jail. He asks her to let Anu decide where she wants to send him. He asks her not to irritate him with her stupid family things and asks her to stop this drama, asks if you are coming with me or not. He says due to your childish tantrum, I don’t have all day. Adhik tells Pakhi that she has to go to office, and says they all need time to believe that I have changed. Ankush asks Pakhi to come. Adhik tells Pakhi that he is sure that she will give good presentation and he is proud of her. Anuj leaves with Ankush. Adhik comes to his real self and throws the thing, and says how he is talking to me, if I am the Servant. Romil says you are the parasite and pro level cunning and abusive violent husband. Adhik says I will break your face. Romil says I am not your wife to say you I love you, if you beat me. Barkha says this guy is oversmart. Adhik says I will see Pakhi, but has to see him first. He picks the brief case.

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