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Anupama anxiously waits for Pakhi and Adhik to join for breakfast. They both walk in holding each other’s hands, looking happy. Adhik pulls a chair for Pakhi. Romil says it’s fake, then says a pic in the social media post is fake, everything is fake nowadays. Adhik and Pakhi continue to act as a lovey dovey couple. Anupama warns Pakhi to stop her drama as Adhik doesn’t love her and just hit her yesterday. Pakhi asks he to stop trying to break her house and shouts at Anupama. Anupama realizes it’s her imagination. Pakhi asks her thepla. Anuj asks Anupama to start her breakfast. Adhik and Pakhi feed each other. Romil thinks he can’t bear their fake drama.

Hasmukh insists to help Kinjal in cleaning the house and changes sofa cushions. Leela asks Kinjal to clean the temple after cleaning utensils. Kavya says she cleaned the temple already and can’t sit idle. Leela says her MIL didn’t let her rest and forced her to work when she was pregnant. Hasmukh says Leela didn’t let Anupama rest when she was pregnant and starts his nok jhok with her. Kavya and Kinjal say they look cute with their nok jhok and stops them. Hasmukh and Leela laugh. Dimpy passes by. Leela stops her and offers her broom and mop. Dimpy asks what is it. Leela says it’s broom shah and mop shah, they cleaned their side of the house and now it’s her turn to clean her side of the house and return mop and broom. Dimpy stands frowning.

Ankush asks Anuj what shall they do with Mr Desai’s proposal. Anuj says she is going to office after breakfast and they can discuss about it at office. He asks Anu to join them with Pakhi. Adhik says he will also join them regarding London project. Anuj says not needed, he can take a break. Adhik frowns, but then acts smiling and says as he says. Pakhi says Adhik is so supportive. Romil says he had supported her cheek with a slap really well. Barkha shouts Romil. Romil says sorry, slip of tongue. Anupama asks Pakhi to finish breakfast soon and accompany her to office. Pakhi says she is thinking of taking a break. Anu says break before staring a work. Pakhi say she is not prepared for it yet, so they can give her project to Adhik as he is an expert. Adhik acts as refusing it. Anu asks them to stop their drama.

Dimpy mops floor. Samar walks down ready for work and asks Dimpy to give him breakfast. Dimpy says she can’t. Leela gives him thepla and asks him to visit his work with a fresh mind. Samar leaves. Dimpy stares at Leela. Leela asks her why she is staring at her, she would have given her food to even Dimpy if she was going for work and instructs her how to mop the floor. Dimpy frowns more. Anupama tongue lashes Pakhi that it’s a project and not a laddu that she serves it to her husbandif she doesn’t like it, asks is there any office in a world where an employee takes break without informing management, she is a project head and wants Pakhi to be at the office. Pakhi asks what is wrong if her husband works in her place. Anupama asks if she would say same if she was working in some other office. Adhik tells Pakhi that he will take break as Anuj suggested, she can go to work. Anupama warns her to finish breakfast and get to work. Pakhi says she will not.

Anuj asks them to stop it and asks Anu to join him and Ankush at office. He tells Pakhi that he hired her in professional capacity, she should maintain some professional ethics and decorum and discuss the issue at office. He and Ankush leaves. Barkha says she is having a dermatologist appointment and leaves. Adhik walks to his room. Pakhi storms away, leaving Anupama frustrated. Romil says its strange that everyone understands Adhik’s game except Pakhi. Cigarette packet falls from his pocket. Anupama notices it. Dimpy feels hungry after cleaning the house and thinks of ordering food from outside. She then silently steals dhokla from Leela’s fridge and enjoys it. Leela notices the bowl missing and thinks she should have informed and taken food, kids think they are oversmart.

Anupama scolds Romil for smoking. Romil says everyone smokes. Anupama forces him to read a warning on the packet and asks when its injurious to health, why he wants to smoke. Romil says smoking is swag. Anupama says showing his talent is swag, studying well is swag, serving the nation is swag; he plays guitar so beautifully, should join professional class, and show his talent, etc.. She gets Kinjal’s message to visit Shah house before going to office.

Precap: Dimpy asks Shahs why there is no power on her side of house while they have power. Leela says they paid their electric bill, Dimpy should pay her bill. Dimpy says Samar has gone to office, so they should pay it. Anupama warns her to pay her own bill like she decided to separate. Pakhi asks Anupama when she can forgive Vanraj, why can’t I forgive Adhik. Anupama says bearing injustice and forgive the person instead of replying back is cowardness.

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