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Anupama informs Shahs about Pakhi’s refusal to join office and insistence to give her project to Adhik. Toshu says one who should be punished is being rewarded. Anupama says Sweety’s wish doesn’t matter, whatever Anuj decides would be final. Hasmukh says just like good days, even bad days will pass on. Kinjal says they will invite Pakhi home for raksha bandhan festival for a few days. Leela says they will fill happiness in their lives in lieu of the festival. Dimpy walks down ignoring Anu. Anu greets her. Dimpy rudely replies and seeing lights on in the ground floor asks why there is no power upstairs. Leela asks if she paid electric bill of her side. She says when there is a same meter for whole house, why shall she. Anupama says they added a separate meter for 1st floor when they built rooms for kids. Dimpy yells that she should have stopped family from informing her about it as she likes troubling her. Vanraj says Samar knows about it. Dimpy continues to yell and asks them to pay the bill as Samar has gone to office. Anupama says when she has decided to live separately, she should pay the bill herself. Dimpy yells that her in-laws are so ruthless. Anupama asks at last she remembered that she has in-laws, she shall inform Samar to pay the bill online. Dimpy leaves fuming. Leela says she feels sad that children have to suffer. Anupama asks her to be strong.

Pakhi prepares cake. Romil walks to kitchen. Pakhi asks how was his college today. Romil says he didn’t go. Pakhi asks if he wants to have cake. Romil says when she prepared it for her husband, then why she is offering her. She asks why she is tolerating her husband’s nonsense. Pakhi says she eloped and had a love marriage against her family’s wish and doesn’t want to disappoint them. Romil says she is doing this for the family then. Pakhi nods yes, she loves Adhik and even he loves her. Romil says just like cig and alcohol, physical abuse is also an addiction; let’s test Adhik and if he is proven right, she can continue with him or else should raise her voice if he raises hand again. She agrees. He promises to protect her and shakes hands with her. Anupama returns home and gets happy seeing their bonding.

Samar returns home and tries to switch on AC. She stops him and says they can manage with fan as electric company puts unnecessary charges. Samar asks if she had know about all this before, she wouldn’t have talked about partition. Anupama notices Pakhi hugging Adhik’s T-shirt and delvers a long speech in her mind on woman’s craving for parent’s love, sibling love, husband’s love, etc. She walks in and asks Pakhi what is she doing. Pakhi says she was folding Adhik’s clothes and keeping them in cupboard. Anupama says earlier she just used to stuff her clothes in cupboard and they used to pop out whenever she used to open the cupboard. Dimpy asks if she came to talk about Adhik again.

Dimpy feels relaxed after power is back after bill payment. Samar tells Dimpy expenses increase when they buy things in retail and they don’t have to worry about expenses when they stay with family, so she shall apologize family and rejoin them. Dimpy yells that he is talking like family’s son and not her husband. She refuses to apologize and instructs him to switch off lights while going out, use washing machine and AC sparsely, inform her when he has food outside or with family to avoid food wastage, etc. Samar smiles and says Leela also used to say same, but she always ignored Leela. Dimpy continues yell at him and walks aside. Samar things wife can yell a lot, but husband can’t speak a word. Dimpy thinks Anupama and family is conspiring against her to snatch Samar, but she will not give up.

Anupama braids Pakhi’s hair and pampers her. She says a daughter is a mother’s extension and mother can’t stop worrying for her daughter. She asks how can she ignore what she saw. Pakhi says Vanraj mentally abused her for years, but she forgave him; then what is the difference between them. Anupama says not fighting back in a war is cowardness, she fought for herself and then forgive Vanraj to move on in life, but Pakhi didn’t even raise her voice; forgiving without fighting is cowardness. She asks if she is going through mental torture, she should speak up; is she fears losing relationship or love or fears Adhik. Pakhi says there is nothing like that. Anupama asks if adhik forces her. Pakhi asks how can she ask this from her daughter. Anupama says when she doesn’t hesitate to answer a doctor, then why she takes a mother for granted. Pakhi asks if she wants to make her daughter feel awkward. Anupama says not at all, her body and soul belongs to her and she should submit it to someone with her wish and nobody has right to touch her without her permission.

Precap: Pakhi asks Anupama when she gave a second chance to Anuj, why can’t I give a second chance to my husband. Barkha taunts Romil that this house is not a charitable institute to live here shamelessly.
Romil replies that she should be ashamed to enjoy life on her huband’s brother’s money. Barkha angrily punches him. Anupama stops her and says provoking a child and then hitting him is not right.

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