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Anupama tells Pakhi that not even husband has a right to touch her without her permission. Pakhi says it’s her personal matter. Anupama says women used to bear physical and mental torture before as they didn’t have any option, but she has her whole family to support her. Pakhi yells to stop poisoning her mind against Adhik and asks when Anupama can forgive Anuj, why can’t she give Adhik a second chance. Anupama says as she wishes and she should remember that her mother is always there for her. She says she felt good seeing her and Romil’s bonding. Pakhi says Romil is not that bad as people think. Anupama says she got an younger brother in Romil and prays god to protect her.’

Kinjal returns home from work tired. Hasmukh asks if she is having eye burning and headache. Kinjal says yes. Hasmukh says it’s definitely viral which has spread all over. Leela asks her to rest and not go near Pari. Kinjal asks how will she take care of Pari then. Hasmukh says they are all there to take care of Pari. Kinjal says one realizes how important family support is when they fall ill and goes to her room. Dimpy thinks now Leela will feel the burn when she works alone.

Anuj strolls in garden with Anu and talks romantically. Anu says let’s talk now and says she spoke to Sweety. Anuj says he spoke to Romil. Anupama says things are revolving back to normal. Anuj says they will sail through it. He reminds her of a day when she proposed him with her singing. He sings Aaye Ho Meri Zindagi Mein… song. Anupama sings with him. Leela calls Anupama and asks her to visit Shah house soon as Pari is crying inconsolably, Kinjal is ill, Hasmukh is having low BP, Kavya is ill, Toshu is out of house, etc. Anupama rushes to Shah house and tries to comfort Pari. Dimpy watches them silently. Anupama to involve Dimpy pays attention to Kinjal ignoring Pari. Dimpy asks if they can’t see Pari crying. Anupama asks can’t see what they are doing. Dimpy picks Pari and comforts her. Anupama tells Leela that children are a link between elders. Leela asks her to go home now as situation is under control. Dimpy comforts Pari. Leela tells Hasmukh that Dimpy will never harm Pari.

Barkha walks into kitchen while Romil is present there and taunts that a few shameless people think other’s house as theirs and shamelessly behave as if it’s their father’s house. Romil offers her almonds and says she needs it to sharpen her memory. Barkha asks what does he mean. Romil says whatever she said holds good for her as is staying in her husband’s brother’s house shamelessly as if it’s her father’s house and regarding his behavior, she should look at her brother who physically abuses his wife and seeing his morales, he can judge her morales. Barkha angrily tries to punch him. Anupama enters and holds her hand and asks how can she can physically abuse a small kid. Barkha says Romil verbally abused her. Anupama says she heard and saw everything. She warns Barkha to stop their daily bickering as she and Anuj are tired of handling their issues daily.

Barkha tries to play a victim card repeatedly. Anupama sends Romil to his room and tells Barkha that Romil is a kid, but she is a mature woman and should stop provoking him; if she doesn’t like Romil, she should stay away from him and mind her own chores. She continues to tongue lash Barkha and says if she doesn’t stop, Anuj will helplessly take a tough decision. Barkha says she is saying this as Adhik hit her daughter. Anupama says how insensitive this lady is and says she is tolerating Adhik because of Pakhi or else she would have kicked him out of this house long ago.

Precap: Kavya slips and falls on her stomach during her argument with Dimpy. Anupama and Vanraj rush her to hospital. Kavya worries for her baby. Doctor checks ultrasound report and says baby is normal but.. A lady bumps over Anuj’s car. Anupama walks to her and is shocked to see Malti Devi in a mentally unstable state.

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