Anupama 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update:

Anupama 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kavya thanks her doctor on the phone for saying her baby is okay. She feels better because the reports are normal. But she wonders why she’s still scared.

Leela tells Dimpy off for not covering a milk container and making a mess. Dimpy asks her to talk quietly so her friends don’t hear. Dimpy’s friend enters the kitchen with shoes on. Leela says to take the shoes off outside. The friend gets upset. Leela thinks it’s okay for older people to teach youngsters. The friend leaves angrily with others, while Dimpy apologizes. Dimpy yells at Leela, and they argue. Vanraj comes home and tells them to stop. Their argument continues.

Kavya tries to calm Leela and tells Dimpy to stop fighting. Dimpy leaves angrily and breaks a glass. Kavya tries to stop her, but she slips on the wet floor and falls on her belly. Vanraj rushes her to the hospital.

Anupama senses something is wrong and prays for Kavya. She gets a call and rushes to the hospital, where she meets Vanraj. Kavya is worried about her baby. They both reassure her. The doctor checks Kavya and the baby, saying the baby is fine but Kavya needs observation.

Back home, Leela worries about Kavya’s baby and threatens to kick Dimpy out if anything happens. Toshu scolds Dimpy for being careless around a pregnant lady. Dimpy defends herself, and Samar supports her. Dimpy talks to Kinjal, saying Leela is upset, and asks her to pray for Kavya’s baby.

The doctor tells Vanraj and Anupama that the baby is okay, but Kavya still has pain. Dimpy wants to go to the hospital, but Samar advises her to stay calm at home. Anuj talks to Anupama about Kavya and Vanraj.

Vanraj recalls happy moments with Kavya after learning about her pregnancy. Toshu and Samar ask about Kavya and her baby. Anuj reassures them. Anupama remembers Adhik hurting Pakhi. Pakhi talks to Romil about her situation.

Kavya asks Vanraj not to scold Dimpy, and Vanraj tries to reassure her. She worries, but Vanraj says the baby is fine. Kavya asks if he accepts her baby, but he says he spoke in the moment.

Next time: Anupama is shocked to see a troubled Gurumaa after a lady bumps into their car.

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