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Anupama gets upset hearing about Gurumaa’s condition. Anuj offers her water and asks what did Nakul say. Anupama says Nakul is in America and transferred gurukul in his name, he betrayed gurumaa being her adopted son. Anuj says that is how people betray. Anupama says she can’t see gurumaa wandering on streets in a mentally unstable state. Anuj says gurumaa is paying for her sins. Anupama says even she did mistakes and evem deboarded a plane at the end moment and she should also pay for her sins then. She insists him to take her to a temple where she saw gurumaa last. She reaches temple and enquires about gurumaa. A shopkeeper asks if she is talking about a mad woman. Anupama asks if he knows her. He says no, she comes to his shop daily and he gives her something to eat, she sits in front of temple and blabbers something and then wanders in the area. Anupama shows gurumaa’s photo and asks if she is the one. He says yes. She gives her number to him and asks him to inform her when he sees gurumaa again. Gurumaa wanders behind her. A lady falls down. Anupama rushes to attend her. Gurumaa leaves by then.

Anupama returns home and notices Anuj and CA doing something. Anuj says CA is preparing rakhis for underprivilege kids who can’t afford to buy rakhi and then she and her friends will find a lunch for the kids. Anupama says that is a noble cause and praises CA. She says she used to tie a thread rakhi to Bhavesh in childhood and he used to cry for a proper rakhi. CA says she wants to tie rakhi to Mukku aunty. Anupama says mukku won’t come, so she can tie mukku’s rakhi to god. She and Anuj then talk about the importance of family. Romil passes by. CA asks him to join them. Romil says he doesn’t have any sister and he is not interested in celebrating festivals. Anupama says until he tries, how will he know if he likes it or not. Anuj says let it be as it’s impossible for him. Anupama says he is right and challenges him. Romil accepts challenge and leaves. Anuj says Anupama used reverse psychology. Anupama says sometimes they have to use it on children to make them understand things. Romil hears their conversation hiding and thinks this time’s rakhi festival would be special for them.

Shahs pamper Kavya and take good care of her. Anupama walks in with a cake for Kavya and says it’s good to see family taking care of her. Kavya hugs her emotionally and cries. Leela asks if she is having any pain. Hasmukh says issue is something else. Anuj ready for the office gives cash to Ankush and asks him to meet bank manager, collect some important documents from him, and deposit this car. Ankush says don’t worry, he will. Anuj looking at Adhik asks Ankush to do this task himself and not ask someone to do it. He calls Pakhi and says he went through the presentation and it was good. Pakhi thanks him. Anuj tells Ankush that Anupama will join them directly in office and asks Pakhi if she is coming along. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to come alone. Anuj says they both are accompanying her.

Pakhi says she wants Adhik to accompany her in this project; she knows he and Anupama won’t like it, but she wants Adhik to work on this project as he made that presentation. Anuj asks Adhik his qualification. Adhik says he did MBA in marketing. Anuj laughs and says he did MBA in manipulation instead; not only he is wife abuser, he is a pro max in manipulating his wife. Barkha says her brother is not like that. Anuj says earlier her brother physically abused his wife and now manipulating her for his benefits, shall he call her brother as groovy. Romil laughs seeing that. Leela says women get mood swings during pregnancy. Kinjal says even she used to get mood swings. Toshu says not this much. Anupama thinks Kavya is in guilt of not informing truth to Hasmukh and Leela, they won’t be able to tolerate truth though. Leela asks Kavya to tell what is bothering her. Anupama asks Kavya to go to his room.

Precap: Adhik steals money and hides it in Romil’s room to defame him. Kavya informs family that her baby belongs to Anirudh and not Vanraj.

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