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Everyone goes from the hall. Adhik tells Romil that this time you got saved from going to jail, but who knows you will go next time. Romil feels hurt and insulted. Pakhi also goes from there. Romil sits on the sofa and recalls Ankush’s words to accept and apologize if he has done mistake, and that his head is lowered because of him today. He says I am not thief, I didn’t steal. Anupama comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder, says I know that you will not steal. She keeps warm bag on his cheeks as Ankush slapped him. He asks how did you know? She asks about the lie detector machine and tells that a mother is the biggest lie detector and she comes to know the truth. She says she has brought you three children and is raising the 4th one. She says when Toshu, Samar and Sweety was small, I used to understand who has broken the glass, had sweety’s icecream etc. She says she has understood the truth even if it is big or small. Romil says you must have understood who is the actual thief. Anupama asks how to blame someone until I have proofs. She asks him to go to room, and have water and take Kanha ji’s name. She says I will see what to do. Romil says nobody trusted me so much before. He gets touched seeing her trust on him.

Anupama recalls Adhik asking Barkha not to call Police citing family’s prestige. Adhik comes to the kitchen. Anupama asks him to have sweets as he proved Romil as thief infront of everyone. Adhik asks why will I do this? Anupama says the staff told me everything. Adhik says there was nobody at home then? Anupama asks how did you know that there was nobody at home, when you picked the money. He says Didi told me that there was no staff. Anupama says your Didi didn’t tell that the money was recovered from the almira. She says Pakhi didn’t tell that the money was found in almira. She says there is a difference between clever and pretending to be clever, else you wouldn’t have been caught. She says your cleverness, misbehavior and lie can be hidden from daughter’s sight but not from mother’s sight. Pakhi comes and says it is enough. Anupama says it is enough of you to say at the wrong place and staying silent at the right place.

She says his lie and betrayal are enough. Pakhi says your interference in my married life is enough and says you shall be happy seeing us happy and together, and asks why you want to separate us, and asks why you are behind my husband. She asks if Nani interfered between Papa and you, or interfered between Buddy and you. She says if you don’t stop interfering in my married life then I will do something that you will have nothing than repentance. Anupama asks if you have gone mad. Pakhi says if you don’t stop pushing me then I will do some madness, and I mean it. She goes. Adhik calls Anupama and says we shall end this matter right here, we have seen Pakhi anger, and I am scared of her anger. Anupama asks him not to act and get afraid of mother’s real afraid, she says whatever she does, I will not let her jump in the well, and says I am not Sweety, but her mother, she is blinded in husband’s love, but I am not blind, and I will not close my eyes. She says I am seeing everything, whatever you have done with Romil, Company etc. She says these hands have not grinded masala on the grinder, but these hands used to made chutney on silbatta, used to wash clothes etc. She warns him and tells that she is Sweety’s mother. She says you and your sister are habitual to play game, and says when I start playing game, then I will turn all the table and may be you will not get chance to pack your bags too. She says game is ON.

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