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Anuj comes out after talking to DCP. He says I talked to him and he said that no carelessness will be done in this case. Anupama asks if someone kidnapped her. Anuj asks why you are talking negative. Anupama says when Pakhi was small, and when I used to cry, she used to come and hug me from anywhere. She says even today I am coming, why she is not coming. Anuj says I know that no statement can pacify you, and asks her not to think anything wrong, as Kanha ji is with them, and he will never do wrong with them. Adhik comes to Romil and asks where is Pakhi? He asks him to say. Romil says I always thought that you are foolish or bad, and tells that nobody will believe you as you are not victim but criminal. Adhik says he will tell Police about him. Romil says if tell Police about you, that you used to torture her, I will make sure that you get arrested and punished. Adhik gets angry, when Vanraj comers there and holds Adhik’s kurta. He asks what did you do with my daughter and asks him to say. Toshu and Samar have also come.

Barkha comes there and asks him to leave her brother and says my brother didn’t do anything. Vanraj says if anything happens to my daughter then this mad father will take your brother’s life. Barkha says she had gone there, and what is our mistake if she didn’t reach your home. Samar says it is a planned conspiracy. Toshu says I will throw you out to such a place where even God can’t search him. Barkha asks if they can’t see his condition and says he is also worried. Samar says he is sure that Pakhi left because of him. Vanraj asks him to say where is his daughter? Adhik swears on God and says that may be Pakhi was upset with Mummy and that’s why she left. He says Pakhi was very upset with Mummy and warned her not to interfere in our married life. He says she was worried due to her. Just then Inspector comes, and says Adhik is under arrest and says they feel that he is responsible for Pakhi going missing. Adhik says he will not go anywhere. Inspector says you have to come. Barkha asks who has filed the complaint.

Anupama comes there with Anuj and says I have filed the complaint. She tells Adhik that she asked him trying every means, but he didn’t tell me. She asks him to say where is her daughter, Barkha asks seriously, you want to send your son in law to jail without any proofs and says my brother is educated and not any goon. Anupama says educated people don’t raise their hands on their wives. Barkha says Adhik knows that if anything happens to Pakhi then husband will be doubtful first, and says he will not do this and asks Anupama to take back the complaint. Anupama refuses and says I want Pakhi back. Barkha asks Ankush and Anuj to do something. She says you know Adhik since his childhood and he can’t do this. Inspector tells Adhik that he has to come with them. Adhik goes with Inspector. Barkha tries to stop him. Anupama recalls Pakhi’s words and says I did a mistake, I should have gone to Police long before.

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