Anuraj Chahal’s dedication shines: Delving into character depth in ‘Udaariyaan’

Anuraj Chahal, a paragon of unwavering commitment to his craft, delves deep into the intricacies of character preparation, offering a glimpse into the intriguing juxtaposition between his personal demeanor and the vibrant persona of Armaan he portrays on-screen in the compelling show ‘Udaariyaan’.

The new ensemble cast, consisting of Alisha Parveen as Alia, Anuraj Chahal as Armaan Gill, and Aditi Bhagat as Aasmaa Dhillon, stand resolute in their commitment to their respective characters, embracing their roles with unwavering dedication. Their collective effort leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a riveting entertainment experience for the audience.

Anuraj talked about it in a recent interview and shared, “Embarking on the role of Armaan has been an invigorating challenge for me. Armaan stands in stark contrast to my real-life disposition. His vibrant energy and ceaseless zest for life are a world apart from my naturally tranquil and composed nature.”

“In moments when I step out of Armaan’s shoes, my demeanor gravitates towards quietude. However, an astonishing transformation takes hold the instant I inhabit his character. A metamorphosis occurs, and I become an entirely distinct individual.”

He passionately added, “My dedication to portraying Armaan remains steadfast. I am committed to breathing life into this character and charting his journey.”

Alia, the cherished daughter of Nehmat (portrayed by Twinkle Arora) and Ekam (played by Hitesh Bharadwaj), is a spirited rebel who regards Nehmat as her primary adversary. She holds Nehmat responsible for her mother’s departure, erroneously attributing her father’s attachment to Harleen.

Armaan, a spirited 25-year-old, occupies a special place in Alia’s heart. He embodies resourcefulness and firmly believes that ingenuity can overcome any obstacle. Conversely, Aasmaa, Harleen’s biological daughter raised in Canada, harbors a profound love for her Indian roots.

Destiny weaves an intricate tapestry as the lives of Alia, Armaan, and Aasmaa intersect in unexpected and profound ways, shaping the course of their intertwined destinies.

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