Anushka Sen named ‘Honorary Brand Ambassador of Korean Tourism’, Fulfills dream of bridging Korea and India

Anushka Sen has been living the Korean dream, a cherished aspiration for every KPOP enthusiast. The actress has not only secured a role in a Korean drama and film but has also embarked on a travel show. Adding to her accomplishments, Anushka joyfully unveiled her appointment as the ‘Honorary Brand Ambassador of Korean Tourism’ through an Instagram post, capturing the moment of her felicitation.

In her caption, Anushka expressed her immense delight and excitement, revealing, “Immensely happy and excited to announce that I’ve been appointed as the ‘Honorary Brand Ambassador’ of Korean Tourism. Thanks to the Korea Tourism Organization for giving me this big opportunity. It was my dream to become the bridge between Korea and India, and now it’s coming true.”

Delving into her Korean projects in a recent interview, Anushka shared insights about her latest endeavor, “Not Just a Chat Show.” In this innovative role, she steps into the shoes of a chat show host, a departure from her usual position as the interviewee. She expressed her excitement for this fresh opportunity, highlighting the show’s spontaneity and its focus on revealing secrets and life stories, devoid of scripted questions.

Earlier in an interview, Anushka opened up about how she secured her roles, stating, “It was really sweet and nice of them that they didn’t just invite me randomly. I am glad they saw my work and were fully prepared for who was coming from India. I signed up with an agency. I am doing a film with them, a web show and have already shot for a travel series that is coming out right now. We have only seen K-dramas and have little knowledge of Korea. When you go there you realise there’s so much more. I got to know about their culture, music, and food. It’s amazing and they are very nice people. I am very excited that my international journey is happening. People are supporting me so much, it feels great.”

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