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The Episode starts with Vandana leaving. Kunal talks to his dad. His dad says check the accounts handled by Pammi and her family, she might get greedy. Kunal asks for Vedika. He speaks to Vedika. He asks her to take medicines. She says you don’t go out during rains, take care, call me there, I want to come there. Kuldeep says Kunal talk to her later. He disconnects. Bobby asks all okay, how is Vedika. Kunal says I want to review company accounts, send it, I want to see the penthouse. Bobby says sure. Kuldeep scolds Vedika. He says I want Parisa to study well and become a big name, you ruined everything and came back to Maayka. Vandana’s sister Mrunal talks to her friend Sam. Aaji says Vandana has to settle down, how long will she take care of your expenses.

Mrunal says I wish Vandana becomes a big singer and then she will give me money. Bobby says you came back after a long time, you are a superstar, a celebrity. Kunal says I want people to know me from my work, not name, our company should be popular. Hemant calls Vijay and asks did Vandana come, did she get the contract. Vijay says no, she didn’t come. He gets the call. Vedant says Shivam’s fees will be paid if Vandu gets the contract. Aaji says Hemant and Mrunal expect Vandana to give them money, they went on their mother Sumitra, not you. Vijay learns Sumitra’s argument. He gets sad. He says Vandana got a good alliance when she was 21 years old, my heart attack ruined that alliance, Vandana took the family responsibility. He worries. Vandana is on the way. Kunal asks Bobby about the changes in contract. He says ask the legal advisor to call me. Pammi calls and says tell Kuku to come home, Guneet wants to talk. Bobby says Kunal got a work call. She sees the food served on the table. She gets upset.

She cries and says I took care of my brothers; kids, he sent me back after his work was done. Guneet consoles her and says don’t have expectations, Kunal didn’t come here on a holiday. She says Kuldeep has sent Kunal to drop lightning on our head. Vandana goes home and cries. She sees Vijay and says I don’t have courage to tell you. He says sometimes it takes courage to listen. He sings Aage to badh…. And motivates her. He plays the guitar. He recalls Kuldeep’s insulting words and cries. Vandana hugs Vijay and cries. She wipes his tears and sings. He stands on his feet and hugs her. She says no one can stop our dreams from completing. Kunal comes there.

Kunal says I don’t want any noise in my penthouse. He gets angry. Vandana argues.

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