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The Episode starts with Kunal scolding Vandana. He says its my penthouse, you can’t come here, why did you come at this time. They argue. She says I thought its some thief, so I came to help, my elders taught me to help someone even if the person does wrong with you, but some people have much ego and arrogance. He asks her to get out. She says I have no interest to be here, sorry to beat you, actually no sorry. She leaves. She sees Bappa idol and prays. She says keep this man away from me, I don’t want to see him. Kunal sees the bruises on his neck and gets angry. Kunal goes to check the guard. He says there aren’t any guards, madness. He signs to Vandana. He sees Bappa idol and stops to pray. He talks to Bappa.

He says I used to share everything with you, you did wrong with me always, why would I talk to you now. He cries. He says I will tell you something, I have a little work, you may agree, make Vandana away from my life. He gets a flower in his hand. He gets surprised. He goes.

Its morning, Kunal wakes up in pain. He says foolish girl. He hears the sounds and goes out see. Vandana gargles. She sees him and signs him. Tujhko Mirchi lagi to mai kya karun…plays… He checks the wardrobe. He says I didn’t get anything, I will call Bobby, its good I told him I m here, he will come, I will go to washroom, I guess handwash is there. He checks the taps. He doesn’t get any water. He says I stay in London but we use water. He checks all the taps. There isn’t any water. He goes out to call the guard. He says guard wasn’t there at night and not even now. Aaji asks Vandana to apply face pack, Vaibhav is coming. Vijay says apply the face pack and shine. Vandana says they know me already. Aaji says your Saas is coming, we should be well prepared. Kunal doesn’t find water anywhere in the house. He checks the dining table, fridge, kitchen taps. He worries. Vandana says let them come, they will become our family, I will win their hearts. Vijay says I trust your nature. Kunal runs to the neighbor’s house. Vandana says he shouldn’t come here. Kunal falls in Vijay’s feet. Vandana applies the face pack. Kunal asks can I use your washroom. Vijay says yes. He guides him the way. Kunal asks is there water. Vijay says yes. Vandana gets Vaibhav’s message and says my hero will come in front of me. Kunal runs to the washroom. He sees the Indian toilet. Vandana says I m going to take a bath. Kunal comes out and collides with her. They scream.

Kunal and Vandana argue about marriage. She runs and hugs Vaibhav. She taunts Kunal.

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