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The Episode starts with Hemant asking who is shouting. Vandana scolds Kunal. She says don’t use my washroom. Kunal says disgusting. Shivam says you have used the washroom secretly. Aaji says he is our new neighbor. Vandana and Kunal argue. Vijay stops her and says he asked me and went to washroom. She asks why. He says he had an urgency. Mrunal thinks to make contacts in high society. Aaji says its okay, his stomach got fine now. Shivam jokes. Hemant says I can get medicine if you have loose motions problem. Kunal says no. Aaji says have some food. Kunal says no. Aaji scares him. Vijay asks what Taai. She says shut up. Anagha says Aaji is joking. Kunal asks are you serious, I don’t want to come here often. Aaji says have some food. Mrunal says please come and have breakfast with us. Aaji says sit here. Kunal asks her to keep the knife away. Vandana says I have noted the first favor on you, you used the washroom. Kunal says I will pay for it. She says my family is giving you love, you rejected me. He says I rejected your voice, not you. She says it means you like me, not my voice. He says sorry. She says sorry. Vijay stops her. Aaji asks Vandu to go and get ready.

Vandana goes to get ready. She says my hero is coming, I don’t want this villain to be here. Kunal drinks the tea. Aaji says I will get sugar. Kunal finds it very sweet. Shivam asks him to have biscuit, it will balance the sweetness. He says Vandu teaches me to balance things in life. Kunal eats the biscuit and says right, thanks. Shivam asks him to return the ball and shuttle cock fallen in his balcony. Kunal smiles. Anagha asks why did you stop Kunal, Vaibhav is coming. Aaji says we should treat guest well, he is a nice guy, he has something unspoken, we have some old relation with him. Kunal asks who plays violin here. Vijay says I do. Hemant says my dad was a big violinist, he won many awards. Kunal says I have a music company. Vijay says you didn’t like Vandana’s voice. Kunal says I found it nonsense and rejected it. Mrunal says we have a solid connection. Vijay asks do you also use violin, your eyes are shining. Kunal says used to play before. Vijay gives it to him. He asks him to play. Kunal plays the violin. He recalls his childhood. Everyone smiles hearing him play.

Vandana sees Kunal playing the violin. She likes it. Kunal recalls Vaani’s leaving and gets sad. Vijay says you have played it so well. Everyone claps. Kunal says I played it after a long time. Vijay says you didn’t forget. Kunal says I will go. Aaji says have breakfast. Vandana says he knows music. Kunal says sorry, I can’t eat so much. Mrunal says you are 40 right, 40 is the new 20. He says I agree, there is much sugar and ghee. Aaji says you run few kms more. Shivam jokes.

Bobby comes. Aaji asks him to have food. Bobby greets them. Mrunal says its so nice to meet you, I follow him. He says nice, I m Kunal’s cousin. Aaji asks Vandu to get ready soon, guests will come. Kunal says we will go. Vijay says have food. Vandana says not bad, I look beautiful, my hero will just look at me. Kunal sees Vandana coming and smiles. Hemant and everyone compliment Vandana. Vandana goes and lights the diya. Aaji says Vaibhav and his family are coming, Vandu and Vaibhav know each other since 5 years, he stays nearby, they liked each other and we agreed for their love marriage. Bobby says good, Kunal is 40 but he is single, we have to ask him, if he is ready to mingle. Aaji says it happens, Vandu is 35 years old, he is 40, their fate is the same. Kunal says I m not in hurry, she is dying to marry. Vandana asks what did you say, I heard your tips on my relation. Kunal says I was talking to myself. They argue. She taunts him.

Vandu hugs Vaibhav. Vaibhav’s mum asks for big dowry.

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