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The Episode starts with Kunal and Vandana arguing about love and marriage. Everyone worries and looks on. Kunal says you are getting married, we will see how much happy you stay after marriage. Vandana asks what do you want, my marriage won’t work and my love will be incomplete. Bobby worries. Kunal signs don’t know. Vandana says I will always try to save my relations. He says all the best, you will need it. She says all the best to you, I have my love, you are alone, you will need it. Guard comes. Kunal scolds him for not coming on duty. He asks why isn’t water coming in penthouse. Vandana signs him. Shivam says because…. Mrunal stops him. Anagha says Vandana has diverted all the water to our house, its good Kunal didn’t know. Hemant says she did good. Kunal warns the guard. Vaibhav and his family come. Kunal says Vandana should leave from my life soon. Kunal collides with Vaibhav. Vandana hugs Vaibhav. She taunts Kunal. Vaibhav’s Tai taunts Vandana on her age and excitement. His mum says be careful in front of four people, do this in the room after marriage. His dad jokes. Vandana says sorry, I met Vaibhav after a long time, so I got happy, it was my mistake. Vaibhav says she is the best of the best. His dad Vinay meets Vijay.

Vandana falls in Vaibhav’s arms. Kunal looks on. She sees him and smiles. Aaji asks Mrunal to get breakfast for Vaibhav. Mrunal taunts Vaibhav. Vandana gets angry. Vijay says Sarita ji, don’t feel bad, I m sorry. Vaibhav says its okay. Vinay says Guru ji gave the date. Sarita says we have told yes to Guru ji. They worry. Kunal says do not enter without permission. Bobby says sorry. He goes and asks for permission. Kunal asks why did I come in this useless penthouse, there is much noise, there is no water in the taps, and neighbors are so bad, look at her, are you taking revenge on me.

Bobby says I have solved all the problems. Kunal says lets talk about work, did you talk to agent for office and recording studio. Bobby says yes, but why. Kunal says I hate people with low IQ, so isolation is the only natural solution. Bobby says get well soon. Kunal says call the agent, what about wifi. Bobby runs. Kunal says I want high speed internet. He sees Vandana house wifi in the list and says I will never use it. The family discusses about the marriage. Vijay says don’t worry, everything will be done. Kunal comes out to get network. Bobby says agent is coming. Kunal leaves a voice message for Vedika. Vedika recalls Vaani’s words and sees her pic. She cries.

She says Kunal is not with me on rakhi. She asks Kuldeep why do you always make my loved ones away from me. He shouts. She argues. He asks servant to take Vedika to the room, feed her medicine and sleep. She says your truth will come out, when Kunal knows it, he will hate you. He asks what truth. She chants mantras. She says you will pay for your mistakes. He says give her double dose and make her sleep. She cries. Kunal worries for Vedika. Shivam says Vandana will go so soon. Anagha says he got emotional. Sarita says you are getting Vandana married at the age of 35, spend well in her marriage.

Sarita says your daughter and this bungalow are ours. The men come and beat up Hemant, asking for money. Vandana interrupts. The goon pushes her. Kunal fights the men.

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