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The Episode starts with Aradhna smiling. Reyansh says I was longing to see this smile, I think the weather is changing and rain is coming. She says we will tell everyone. He asks her to come. They go to everyone. Sunaina does shayari. Everyone claps. Sunaina says we will keep a small event, we will place the idol. Viren says party will go on, we have to go and pray. Alka says yes, Angad will take the bride tomorrow. Viren asks where is this secret puja. Sunaina says we made all arrangements, come with me. Malini asks where are you taking us. Sunaina says come, you will know it. Arnab says their puja is back side, funny. Reyansh and Aradhna take everyone to the storeroom. They see the Devi idol. Jindals are shocked. Alka thinks I had stolen this idol from here, what is it doing here.

Aradhna says welcome Alka, its your fav room. Alka asks whats all this. Aradhna says its Matarani idol, you both would be knowing it well. Jindal says its their Kuldevta idol. Viren says it was stolen. Vikram says yes. Alka asks how can this be the real idol. Aradhna asks her to say, how did she have it, Viren gave the storeroom keys to her. Reyansh says Viren Sir, they had hidden the stolen idol in your house. Viren asks the proof. Jindal says you are asking for proof. Alka says you said all the things kept here is yours. Alka argues with Malini. Malini says Aradhna, you apologized to me and said you want betterment of my family. Reyansh says I did this, Aradhna didn’t do this, they had stolen idol worth crores, they want to sell it abroad, police has reached at their gang’s house, they got me shot, they tried to do Aradhna’s accident, Tripathi and I were finding out, but they bribed everyone, we got this idol, I m the witness, I m the proof, this idol was here. Alka says it’s a lie. Reyansh calls Tripathi. Tripathi gets the man along. Alka worries and thinks they caught Mannu. Reyansh says you know him. Viren says he is your security guard. Mannu says Sir and madam asked me to hide the idol here, and give Viren’s name on getting caught. Reyansh asks who had hidden the idol. Mannu says I had hidden it on her saying. Alka says he is lying. Aradhna says we have also seen it that night. Reyansh says I had seen it. Alka says it can’t happen, its fake idol, we have the real idol.

Kimaya recalls seeing the idol. Reyansh recalls talking to Mannu. Viren claps and scolds Naresh Jindal and Alka for fooling him. He praises Aradhna and Reyansh for bringing the truth out. He says if you told us then I would have given money to you. Alka insults Kimaya. Angad shouts Mom. Viren says its time for Jindals to go to jail, Reyansh, call the police. Malini says we won’t call, people will think we were also involved. Alka says Malini is smart, she knows Kimaya will get defamed. Angad says I love Kimaya. Naresh says you love this ugly girl. Aradhna shouts enough. She scolds them. She says Malini can become a tigress for her daughters, you think she will get her daughter married to your son. Viren says daughters are parents’ pride.

He says Kimaya won’t marry Angad, and that’s final. Malini is fainting. Aradhna runs to hold her. Malini cries. Viren says I will make you pay for this. Naresh says I will not leave Aradhna. Viren says don’t think you can scare her, her father is here, out. Aradhna cries. Naresh asks Angad to leave Kimaya and come. Everyone cries.

Kimaya says I don’t want to talk. Malini says leave her alone for some time, she loves Angad, how will she come out of this trauma. Reyansh says don’t worry, I will tell you about this case, I m waiting for some files, Kimaya was a means for them to get close to you, we will get them arrested. Viren thanks him. Malini cries. Reyansh goes to Aradhna. She says we are happy that we solved the case, but what about Malini and Kimaya, I should go and see Kimaya, she would be worried. She goes. Kimaya blames herself. Aradhna goes to console her. She says everyone would be pitying me, Angad was the only boy who loved me. Aradhna says you are lovely, you don’t need anyone. Kimaya says you have no sister, Kriti is beautiful and Komal is intelligent, everyone criticizes me, its not easy. Aradhna hugs her.

Aradhna asks are you sure. Kimaya says yes. She takes Kimaya to Angad. Reyansh asks why did you send Kimaya with Angad. Naresh threatens of killing Kimaya.

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