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The Episode starts with Aradhna saying I have to find Kimaya. Reyansh comes and sits in the car. They argue and leave. Kimaya asks where are we going. Angad says heaven. She says my parents would be worried. He scolds her and holds her neck. Reyansh says drive carefully. He gets Vikram’s call and asks the location. Vikram says Angad might have thrown the phone. Reyansh says send the last location, Aradhna is flying the car. Angad says baby, I m sorry, its not my mistake, have water, are you okay, you know I love you, I don’t want anyone to separate us, you trust me, right. She says I didn’t do anything without asking my parents. He says I promise, you won’t do it. He thinks to take revenge on her. Reyansh and Aradhna look for Kimaya.

They get the phones in the trash bin. The man says they took water and snacks from here, they took the Mussoorie route. Reyansh calls someone and asks is there any hotel that I can get on hourly basis. He gets the hotel name. Aradhna scolds Reyansh. He says I didn’t know to respect girls before, then I got you. He recall their romance. O saajna….plays…

Naresh says Angad will take revenge. Komal punches his face. Arnab stops her. Kriti says you did the right work. Reyansh and Aradhna come to the hotel. He says you apply this lipstick, we have to do acting to take a room. She asks from where did you get this. He says I got it, leave it, loosen your hair, apply red lipstick, its my choice. Kimaya and Angad are also at the same hotel. He says we will be together forever, this place is special for me, you are also special, go and get ready. Kimaya asks why. Aradhna applies the red lipstick. Aradhna asks what shall I do now. Reyansh sprinkles water on her and says do acting that you are drunk and I m taking an advantage of you. She asks why, I will take an advantage of you. She pulls his belt. He says not bad. She ties the belt. He jokes. They go inside. Reyansh and Aradhna act like a romantic couple. The man says you will get a room. Reyansh says I want a room for privacy. The man says I understand, we have many clients like you. He tells about Angad and Kimaya. The man gives the keys. Reyansh and Aradhna argue. He says I m helping you and you are taunting me. She says lift is that way. They go. They argue in the lift. She taunts him. He says not fair. She says I also felt bad. He says Vikram traced their car, its in this hotel, hurry up. Angad asks Kimaya to get ready. Kimaya asks shall I talk to mumma once. He says no, you love me na, once we get married, then we will take your mom and dad’s marriage. Aradhna asks where shall we find them. She asks Reyansh to get serious. She says maybe they left. He says be positive.

They argue. She says I made a mistake, I will never fall for you again. He asks shall I make you slip again. The lights go. She asks is this your plan, we have to save Kimaya, I have to save her. He says its my plan, I will save her. She says I have to save Kimaya. The lights get on. Angad takes Kimaya on the roof. She asks why did we come here. He says we will marry under the moonlight. She says you said we will marry in the temple, you are scaring me, stop it. He says I got you here to make you mine, I have to take revenge on your dad, I don’t love you, Viren defamed my uncle and my uncle committed a suicide. Aradhna says I have to find them. Angad says they will get peace today. Kimaya shouts for help. He says no one will listen to you, your dad likes to defame people, today he will get defamed, Khanna family will break down. She asks do you want to kill me. Angad says no, you end your life for my sake. Reyansh says don’t shout, nothing will happen to Kimaya, she is imp for you, you are imp for me. They hear Kimaya shouting for help. Angad asks Kimaya to jump down. Reyansh and Aradhna come there. She says don’t do any foolishness, listen to us. Angad says stop there, else I will push her. Reyansh says relax Angad. Angad says stop. Aradhna says listen to me once. Reyansh says leave her, I will leave you. Angad catches Aradhna at gun point. Reyansh says Angad, wait. Angad says Kimaya or Aradhna, think. He asks Kimaya to jump down. Aradhna says no, get down. Angad says I will shoot Aradhna, she ruined our plan. Aradhna asks Reyansh to help Kimaya. Reyansh asks Kimaya to jump down. Aradhna asks what are you saying, did you go mad. He says I can’t lose Aradhna because of Kimaya, better jump and save someone’s life. Aradhna says no, Kimaya, come down. Angad says no one loves you, no one wants you alive, jump down Kimaya.

Reyansh says sorry Kimaya, you have to go. He pushes Kimaya down. Aradhna is shocked.

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