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The Episode starts with Aradhna reaching Dehradun. She leaves for the bakery. The driver says the rains get happiness and greenery here, unlike the dirt and bad things in the city. She says maybe my fate also changes here. She comes to the bakery. She sits. The bakery owner asks her to sit on the stool if she is alone, the table is for four. Aradhna orders black coffee. The lady says you will have fresh air here and then back to city. Aradhna says I didn’t come to go, I came here to find someone. The lady says cold coffee is good for young and hot coffee for those who are heartbroken, have it. Aradhna says I have some work with you, these letters… The lady asks the girls to leave, no sitting if no eating. The girl says we will order now. The lady says don’t waste my time, leave. Aradhna says this letter has address of this bakery, does any Mimmi come here. The lady says I understood. Sunaina says the ambience got so dull here. Vikram says Reyansh is heartbroken, he will realize he has made a mistake. Reyansh comes playing loud music on the speaker and drinking. Sunaina says you think he will change. Reyansh says I m fired, you had resigned too. She says I m back because your dad requested me to join back. Reyansh says party is on. The lady says my husband Rajan used to run this bakery, Rajan is dead now. Aradhna says sorry, if you know anything about Mimmi, can you help me, she is my mother, who left me with her friend after my birth, I just wanted to know why she did that. The lady asks do you know her full name, you won’t get her this way, she left you, one who leaves never comes back, I felt I will have tea with my handsome husband, but I m having tea alone with his memories, loneliness is a dangerous thing. Aradhna says I know, my parents ousted me and love defamed me, I m alone, I m dead for my family.

The lady says we are all alone at the end, have biscuits, weather changes anytime. She asks for 100rs for coffee. Aradhna thanks her. She says please tell me if you know about Mimmi. The lady says stop, have a cup of milk coffee, its free. Sunaina says you are responsible for these mistakes. Reyansh says keep your lecture to yourself, I m going on a date with a girl. The girl gets the laptop and says we fixed this, you broke it that day. Reyansh says its not mine. Sunaina says its Aradhna’s laptop, throw this away, your mission will be accomplished. She calls him hopeless and goes. The lady says I have to go to a big party tomorrow, you come along, rich people will come there, I will run this café if I get more money, if you have courage, then truth will come in front, you have to identify it, lets see what the rains get for you. Vikram says remember, you are acting to be cool, you are in pain. Reyansh jokes. He asks Vikram to get out. Vikram leaves.

Reyansh sees Aradhna’s pic and shuts the laptop. The lady says I have prepared everything for the party tomorrow. Aradhna says sweets is my weakness. The lady asks her to taste it. Aradhna eats the chocolate fudge. She asks the lady to take her phone. The lady Beena asks her to answer. Aradhna hears Malini’s voice. Malini says order should be on time, its engagement there, are you new there, do you work there, I m talking from Khanna mansion. They have a talk. Aradhna says sorry mumma and eats the fudge. She recalls Bhakti. Malini stops her daughters from fighting. She says its your elder sister’s engagement tomorrow, where is she. The girl says she went on a drive with Angad. Viren says don’t make your mom panic. Malini says sweets will come only from bakery. Aradhna wishes to meet her mum.

Reyansh says I still love Aradhna. He imagines Aradhna. Aradhna and her mom meet at the temple.

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