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The Episode starts with Reyansh talking to a girl on their date. She says you are very hot, there is no problem in you. He says we can bond well, you have no problem with my anger and bad reputation. She praises his looks. She asks shall we go home, mine? He sees Aradhna in her. He says there is a problem, I have a fever. She asks did you take medicine. He says you know my ex, she used to count my bad qualities, I hate her. Aradhna is at the bakery. She hears a couple talking. She recalls Reyansh.

Reyansh asks was I happy before or now, I have become an angry young man, I m not able to forget her, I wish to delete my memory, I hate her, I still love her, its confusing, what’s your name, I don’t care, your nose is long, I mean its beautiful, you are beautiful, I don’t like you, you are nothing to me. He drinks. He says I feel she is sitting in front of me, you can go, bye, I have booked cab for you, you are beautiful, but not for me. Viren asks Malini to go and taste the food. Malini says sweets will come from bakery. Her daughters say its not famous now. Viren says she will get angry, there is some connection with that bakery. Malini says memories and nostalgia. She asks Viren to stop his daughters from fighting. He jokes.

The girl says Reyansh wanted me to say bad about him, I m out of there, he was ignoring me, he spoiled my mood. Reyansh comes to office. He imagines Aradhna. She says you still miss me. He asks her to shut up. He says I will make you away from my life. He shouts. He sees her belongings. He imagines her again. He throws her stuff. He says you don’t understand my pain. She says I lost my house, my family, everyone asked me to stay away from you. He asks her to shut up and go. She says I can’t go away from your heart, you have fallen in love, its tough to get up in love, you hate me and love me, what do you want. He says shut up. Door door lehrein jaake…plays…

He says I hate you, go. He shuts the laptop. Aradhna comes to the temple and talks to pandit ji. Malini comes there and prays. She says my three girls have made me mad. She sees Aradhna and says I will wait till your puja ends. Aradhna says its okay. Malini invites pandit ji home. She gets a call. Her daughters fight again. Malini leaves. Pandit tells about Malini. He asks Aradhna to pray for her marriage. Aradhna says I don’t want to make that wish. He says pray for your mental peace.

Aradhna says he thinks I cheated him. Reyansh says she used to go and meet her ex. Beena asks Aradhna to take the delivery.

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